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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #36


One of the 20 choices for the "Greatest Moment In Charger History" on the Chargers website, commemorating their 50th year in the league, is the "Seven Bandits of 1961."  Huh??  Never heard of them.  Well, apparently, for those of you who were around in 1961, the Chargers set a single-season record for most interceptions by a team with 49 – which still stands to this day, AFL or NFL.


We’ve already mentioned one member of the "Seven Bandits" (#34 Bob Zeman, Golden Jersey runner-up).  Here comes the second one.

The Winner


Dick Harris, DB

It’s hard to know who the leader of the "Bandits" was without having been there to witness it.  While Zeman had more INTs that season, Harris was more the mainstay.  And 3 of Harris’ 7 interceptions that season went for touchdowns.  Here’s hoping some of the current Chargers produce an average like that. 


By the end of his career in 1965 – entirely with the Bolts -- Harris was the leader in career interceptions with 29, a record that stood until Gil Byrd came along.  And his 5 interception returns for TD still stand (along with Kenny Graham).


It’s hard to say what the game was like back then, but the sheer numbers that Harris and the rest of the "Bandits" put up is still pretty impressive.

And the rest:

Marcus Curry, CB

Mike Davis, SS

Dick Farley, S

Vernon Fox, SS

Delton Hall, S

Lloyd Lee, FS

Frank Marsh, CB

Joe Mickles, RB

Eddie Ray, RB

Kevin Ross, S