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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #30


#30 doesn’t even require a jump.  Not because it’s such an overwhelming landslide victory, but because there’s not much to choose from.  The list for your perusal:

  • Scott Byers, S

  • Robert Carswell, S

  • Bob Horton, LB

  • David King, CB

  • Bruce Laird, S

  • Andre Lott, S

  • Frank Middleton, RB

  • Marquez Pope, DB

  • Sam Scarber, RB

  • Sam Seale, CB

  • Kevin Wyatt, CB

The Winner

Bryant_salter_medium  (Wow, I actually had that very card!)

Bryant Salter, CB

While Marquez Pope went on to have the better career (qualifying under the team’s Yancey Thigpen Rule, instituted a year before his arrival, Pope was released far too early in his career), Salter put in a higher quality time with the Chargers.  14 interceptions in 3 seasons with some really baaad teams.  (There should be a rule: your name has to sound more American than "Harland Svare" to be a head coach in the NFL.)