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Recent Radio Interviews - LT, Ellison, Martin, and English

XX 1090 - Scott and BR Interview LaDainian Tomlinson (mp3) 8/4/2009

  • LT's wife runs Snug pet resort (down the street from my house!).  LT is really only involved behind the scenes.  LaTorsha (Mrs. LT) loves running the business.
  • How does LaTorsha feel about the Michael Vick situation?  She feels for the dogs.  LT grew up in an environment where he had seen dog fights.  LT and Vick grew up in smaller "country" towns where this stuff is relatively common, so LT can see why Vick might not have thought that dog fighting was as bad as everyone else sees it.
  • LT thinks Vick's family had as much to do with it has him, but since Vick is the big name, he took the fall.  Vick did bankroll it and provide the house for it, and probably couldn't say no to them.
  • Lots of us come to a point in our lives as men where we need to be broken.  And that broken state leads to remorse and a desire to change and do the right thing in the future.  LT thinks Vick is there
  • LT talked to Vick on the phone just tell him that LT is praying for him and his family and offered to talk to him at any time in the future if Vick needed him.
  • Q: Not that the Chargers have a need, but what would you think of Michael Vick as a teammate? LT: I think he needs another opportunity.  This country is a country of second chances.
  • Q: How did last year affect you emotionally? LT: A year like last year makes you a stronger person.  When you're going through it you don't understand it.  My faith helps me get through it.
  • LT: I am motivated by the injury prone label I've gotten over the last two years.  Previously, that was not a problem.  I always thought I was special because I'd made it 7 years without any injuries, and then suddenly, I'm human.  I'm motivated and ready
  • Off season, I focused on building a little more muscle.  I lost some strength in my legs because of the injury, so I focused on building muscles and balance, and diet.
  • Q: Do you still have the 2000 yard goal or more focused on winning Super Bowl? LT: I still want both.  Both are attainable.  It is a team game, but we are judged on our individual stats.  Barry Sanders did it in his ninth year...

XX 1090 - Darren Smith interviews Kevin Ellison (mp3) - 8/4/2009

  • Camp is hard but fun
  • Has a brother who plays linebacker with the Bills, Keith Ellison (also drafted in the 6th round)
  • Jump from USC to NFL is a big difference, football is my job and I'm expected to know things and be responsible.  In the NFL you are more on your own.
  • Putting the pads on has been great, it gets real.  In the NFL, the guys are huge, big, and fast.
  • Keeps in touch with Taylor Mays (safety at USC), he didn't make the jump because he didn't feel he was ready to leave college.
  • I always have a chip on my shoulder.  At USC, I was kind of behind the scenes with all the defensive stars on that team.  I've always been a bit overlooked, so I feel being drafted in the 6th round was more of the same.
  • We've been warned to be mindful of what we put out on twitter.  I don't have twitter or facebook or myspace.  Packers are fining people $1700, Cro was fined $3500, I don't have that kind of money.

XX 1090 - Scott and BR Interview Larry English (mp3) 8/4/2009

  • No twitter, no facebook, no nothing. 
  • It was important for me to get into camp quickly, with ample time to prepare
  • We're going to have new variations in the defense, but so far we're really just working on the basics
  • Split time between San Diego and his hometown of Aurora, Ill (same town as Wayne and Garth!)
  • Not looking forward to the dinner bill after camp when all the other linebackers demand the 1st rounder take them out

XX 1090 - Scott and BR Interview Vaughn Martin (mp3) 8/4/2009

  • The Vaughn Martin story in a nutshell: born in Jamaica, moved to Ontario, played cricket, hockey, and soccer as a child, started playing football in 10th grade, went to play college ball at Michigan State, had transcript problems so had to go to prep school, the coaches at MSU changed over that year so he went back to Canada to Western Ontario U, blew up chargers scout at his pro day, drafted in 4th round.
  • Biggest transition from Canadian college ball to NFL is making sure you have the right technique every play, plus everyone is bigger and faster.