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Wednesday Night Practice at Qualcomm Stadium

Ahhh the Q.  It’s been a long 7 months (especially with the Padres) since my last visit.  If anything, it felt good just being there.  After hitting the beach earlier tonight with Jbox we headed over with about 10,000 other fans to watch the Chargers first public practice.


I’ve never seen so many fans show up for a practice.   Must be because the Bolts are only holding just three practices for the public this year because of the broken drain pipe in Murphy Canyon.  Sure it’s been broken for over half year, but don’t worry it’ll it be fixed the week after training camp wraps up.  Sorry all you Belichicks out there.


Jbox and I cruised around and just took it all in.  We were loving it.  As far as I’m concerned Kickoff weekend is Christmas and tonight was Thanksgiving… just a taste of what’s about to come.


Not much to report in the practice itself.  Everyone looked good, but in all public practices nothing is really going to be shown by the Charge.  Regardless, here are a few pics from tonight.



D-Line Kicking Ass:


Rivers (an actual spiral):


Kicking Squad, Buisness as usual: