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Notes From Chargers Practice (8-5-09)

Its August and we all know what that means...It's time for football!


The Chargers held their first practice of 2009 that was open to the general public last night at the Q.  Here are some notes I took away from the festivities:

1.  LT looked healthy and took part in all of the individual workout drills as well as almost all the reps with the first team.

2.  Tim Dobbins, Jacques Cesaire and Clinton Hart took the majority of their reps with the first team D.

3.  Kevin Ellison was working mostly with the second team D but did get a rep or two in with the first team.

4.  Kynan Forney was working as the RG on the first team O.

5.  Sproles looked amazing, it just seemed like he was a step ahead of everyone the whole night.

6.  The line for $1 hot dogs was crazy long!

7.  John will be happy to know that Chuck Whitehurst is still rocking an awesome beard!


Nate Kaeding was the first Charger to hit the field, he came out about 45 minutes (about 6:15) before practice started to warm up.




The team took the feild just before 7:00.


The kick return team was the first group to work out.  Sproles, Cromartie and Gordon all took turns returning kicks.  Cooper, Hart and Cesar were the only other starters that I saw working out with the return team.



After working on Kick Return the team stretched and then broke into individual position groups.  I know its hard to make out in the picture but David Binn is handing the ball off to LT in a Oklahoma drill.


 The team next went into one on one competitive drills where the DB’s matched up against the receivers and the O-line and RBs matched up against the DL and LBs.

Osgood making a catch with Cromartie covering.


Floyd making a sideline grab



Sproles taking it up the middle.



The last part I stayed for is team 7 on 7 drills. Here is a quick movie of Rivers throwing.


All and all being able to see the bolts practice at Qualcomm was a great experience. I really think the Chargers should hold a practice or two at the Q every year even after practices at the Murphy Canyon facility are open to the public once again.  There is so much room at the Q (compared to Murphy Canyon or UCSD) and you can see the practice from any angle that you chose instead of from the few set of bleachers that are typically set up at their other facilities.  If you missed this practice there is still an opportunity to see the bolts practice again at the Q on August 12.