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Recent Player Radio Interviews

Jeff and Josh Interview Legedu Naanee, XTRA 1360, 8-25-2009, (mp3)
  • Last double day is over!!!
  • He thinks his success over the last two preseason game is a preview of his future
  • He can run with a lot of people, but his success due to out-thinking guys.  At this level anticipation is a big part of success.
  • Lots of feedback from the coaches.  The coaches really want Legedu to work on being more "sudden" into and out of his breaks and off the line.
  • Q: Would you like to run the wildcat as a QB?  LN: definitely, to be assured of touching the ball every play is nice
  • We didn't run anything like the wildcat at Boise State, even though we ran a lot of trick plays, it was all mainly out of a normal offense.
  • Q: How do you deal with not getting a lot of touches? LN: We all know the ball is limited and every one is hungry to make the play when the ball comes your way.
  • Q: Any TD Celebrations? LN: I haven't really had the opportunity.  Every time I score a TD we seem to be down and I don't think a big celebration is appropriate.
  • Q:  Would you prefer a Charger win on Saturday over Atlanta or a Boise State win over Oregon?  LN:  Ooof... Can I have Both? (NO) I guess I'd have to take a Boise State win because that game matters, but I'll also take a super bowl win for the Chargers.
  • Q: Any problems with the kick coverage? LN: need to improve tackling, but we aren't worried.
  •  Q: are you surprised by at how many people pronounce your name. LN: No, its an unusual name, I've heard it just about every way.  (Note: from the media guide, it's LEG-a-doo Nah-NAY)
Jeff and Josh Interview Michael Bennett, XTRA 1360, 8-25-2009, (mp3)
  • Last day of two-a-days!!!
  • can't wait to get out of the hotel
  • Takes the preseason TDs with a grain of salt.
  • Michael Bennett is the guy who keeps the locker room lose.  How did you do that as the new guy?  Well, everyone likes to laugh, I like to sit in the middle of the offensive lineman and tell fat jokes.  Forney, Mooch, and McNeill get the worst of it.
  • Were you always that way?  Yes, in HS my desk was always in the hallway because I was always laughing and joking.  Every class except for Driver's Ed I was in the hallway.  I used to get a lot of material from Def Comedy jam and shows like that.
  • Michael drives the dope soft blue H2 Hummer with the 30 inch rims and "football leather" interior, Jeff and Josh thinks it is the nicest car in the players lot.
  • The Atlanta game should be good.  We will see a very fast defense, the teams are tuning up for the regular season
  • How do you see your career shaping up?  You're no longer the headliner like you were in Minnesota, racking up 1000 yard seasons. MB: Well, I wanted to go to the HoF, but that isn't going to happen, so my thing is doing whatever it takes to win a super bowl, and I think we have what it takes to win it.
  • He knows how the business works and doesn't take making the team for granted.  He just hits it at full speed and if it works out, it works out, he is sure he will be playing elsewhere
  • After football? MB: I want to be a principal or in school administrator.  Straighten the kids out.

Darren Smith Interviews Kynan Forney, XX Sports 1090, 8/27/2009 (mp3)

  • Excited about going back to Atlanta? KF: it's a business trip.  I still have my house out there and a business there, but this is about football
  • Kynan owns a Smoothy King franchise in Atlanta.  It's too far away from the hotel to treat all the players to Smoothy King while they are out there.  Smoothy King sells smoothies...  Kynan gets an employee discount there!!!
  • Health? KF: It's getting better this week.  I had a neck injury, basically a stinger/burner, it is smoothing itself out, I have to take care of it, get treatment.
  • I'm looking to get back used to the speed of the game and developing some continuity, as well as fine tune some of the new techniques that are specific to the Chargers scheme
  • Do you still consider it a competition for the RG spot? KF: Very much so.  No lead dog in the race.  I took a step back when I got hurt and missed practice and a game.  I'm still treating it like a competition.
  • Kynan just had his fifth child!
  • Have you talked to Vick since he's been back? KF: Not really, I'm sure lots of people are trying to communicate with him.  I'm pulling for him.