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Game Thread: Chargers @ Cardinals, Preseason Week 2

Who's out for the Bolts: Forney, English, Cesaire

Who's in for the Bolts: Everyone else!

I still need to find a way to watch the game live (it's being re-broadcast on NFL Network tomorrow), but I'll be here either way. Here's what I'm keeping my eye on in this game:

  • How does the #1 defense look against Arizona's high-powered passing offense?
  • Merriman says he's getting more playing time this week, will he push his knee harder than he did against the Seahawks?
  • Does the offensive line look better or worse with Vasquez replacing Forney?
  • Have Gartrell Johnson and Vaughn Martin improved since last week?
  • Can Buster Davis have two consecutive good games?
  • Can the team stay healthy?