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Chargers Training Camp Interview: Nick Hardwick

How do you feel?
I feel great.  I feel healthy, ready to rock

How do you think Training Camp is going?  Any better than usual?
It's good.  Intensity's up.  Guys are focused.  There's a good drive.  Even when the soreness kicks in, guys are working hard.

Have you noticed anyone hitting that Training Camp wall yet?
You work through the wall.  There will be a couple of walls.

What's your favorite tattoo and why?
I like them both, I can't pick a favorite.  My favorite is yet to come.

What's your favorite going to be?
I don't know.

Do you have anything else?  Or is it just the arms?
It's just the arms.  My wife said "Either you're done or I'm done."  So I had to choose.

What do you think is different about your approach now as opposed to a year or two ago?  Do you think your technique has gotten better?  Sharper?  Have you picked up something new from anyone else that you think has benefited you?
I'm always looking around the league trying to find subtle techniques.  I look at Olin Kreutz, and Kevin Mawae is always pulling out new tricks.  I think I steal techniques just like you would at any other job.  I'm definitely improving.  It's all about understanding of the game and what works and what doesn't work and just refining.  A lot of it is muscle-memory, just getting the muscles to fire the same way they have been.

Do you have one guy that you idolized in high school and college, a Center, and said "I want to be him"?
I didn't play until my second year of college and I wasn't a Center until my last year. 

What did you play before that?
I was a Guard for one year before moving to Center, but I walked-on so I didn't have a lot of offensive line play.  But coming into the league, I always watched film on Kevin Mawae.  He was right in his prime then and he's a smaller guy, quick, plays with good leverage and keeps guys off balance.  So I picked up good tricks from him.


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