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Keeping a Watchful Eye on the Rookies - Updated

Charly Martin - half Wes Walker, half Devin Hester, half Steve Smith
Credit: Mike Nowak/San Diego Chargers
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Charly Martin - half Wes Walker, half Devin Hester, half Steve Smith Credit: Mike Nowak/San Diego Chargers via

So we've got another two weeks of camp and one preseason game under our belt.  A lot of guys who we hadn't heard anything about about are now mini-celebrities here on BFTB (I'm looking at you Charly Martin).  So, let's take another look at the rooks and see how they are doing and what their chances are.

see here for the initial installment.

I've included names, positions, and number, so when you're watching this Saturday, you can see how they're doing...

Name # Round Notes
Larry English - OLB 52 1 Has been injured for two weeks.  Didn't play in last week's game and probably won't play against the Cardinals.  I still think he can contribute week 1 if he can get a preseason game or two under his belt.  I think his responsibilities are going to be limited when he is in the game, especially early this year, so it won't take him a lot to figure things out.
Louis Vasquez - G 65 3 Still the future at RG for the Chargers.  Just started practicing again early this week after missing a week and a half or so.  From what I saw of the Seahawk game, Kynan Forney did not ink his name onto the #1 spot on the depth chart.  If Forney had been more convincing, I would not have any hope of Vasquez starting week 1, but I think he left the door cracked.  If Forney still looks rusty this week and Vasquez looks good, I could see Vasquez get a start in a preseason game to see how he reacts to being in there with the #1s.
Vaughn Martin- DT 92 4 Still has a lot to learn.  I love that he is getting lots of time in practice and the games.  With Ryon Bingham out until the regular season (at least) and Jacques Cesaire a little nicked up, Martin should continue to get lots of time.  The more time he gets, the more likely he is to make some serious contributions this year.
Tyronne Green - G/C 69 4 He lives!  And he played with the #2s in the Seahawks game.  Looked pretty good as well.  I still think he might be on the bubble due to numbers more than anything. 
Gartrell Johnson - RB 33 5 We were all hopefull Gartrell would be our short yardage back.  He didn't have a great game against the Seahawks, so we may have been a bit premature.  Let's see how he does against the Cardinals.  Barring a complete meltdown, he still makes the team, but might be inactive week to week.
Brandon Hughes - CB 36 5 Brandon played a lot against the Seahawks in the second half and struggled.  He was injured on and off during camp so we'll chalk it up to that and see how he does against the Cardinals.  He is still on the bubble and probably needs to beat out Cletis Gordon to make the team.
Kevin Ellison - SS 25 6 Had a decent game against the 'hawks and had a big hit, which is what we expected from him.  Looks like SS is going to be manned by the Hart-Gregory committee which might actually make it easier for Ellison to make an impact.  He is physically suited to take over the run down SS from Hart.  Whether he does or not is still a question.  I do believe he is still on the bubble and is a little hard to see him making the team unless we keep 5 safeties.
Demetrius Byrd- WR 82 7 Will not be reporting to camp.  Is still recovering from his pre-draft car accident.
Darry Beckwith - ILB 46 UDFA I'm still optimistic about Darry.  He missed the first preseason game, but has been practicing this week.  He should get some good time in the Cardinals game and we can get a better feel for him.  If he can't make an impact during some preseason game, he will probably be headed for the practice squad, unless we keep 5 ILBs which might happen.
Kory Sperry - TE 47 UDFA Sperry is competing with Kris Wilson for the 3rd and final TE spot.  Kris Wilson looked real solid in the Seahawks game so I think Kory is destined for the practice squad.
Dan Gay - OT 71 UDFA Another UDFA I was hopeful for when the Chargers signed him.  Haven't heard a lot about him either way
C.J. Spillman - FS 30 UDFA Didn't stand out in the Seahawks game.  At this point he is a practice squad candidate, no way he makes the 53 man with Hart, Weddle, Ellison, Gregory, and Oliver in front of him. 
James Chandler - TE 45 UDFA
Greg Carr- WR 8 UDFA not hearing alot about him... he did get leveled by Kevin Burnett during practice on KO coverage last week.
Charly Martin- WR 13 UDFA Hello Mr. Martin...  I think we can all agree that Charly is the second coming of Wes Walker.. Or maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves.  Charly turned some heads and increased his chances of making the practice squad.  Since the Chargers will probably hemorrhage WRs after this season, the practice squad is not a bad place to be for a WR.
James Holt- OLB 53 UDFA
Truman Spencer - P 4 UDFA had some decent punts, he may find work elsewhere
Rodgeriqus Smith - WR 3 UDFA I've seen Smith catch a few balls from our main man Chuck Whitehurst in some practice video.
Rashaad Jackson- DT 77 UDFA
Ryan McDonald - C 60 UDFA Who is this guy?  He was running with the #2s at guard during the Seahawk game, and seemed to hold his own.  May be a practice squad candidate.
Wopamo Osaisai - CB 38 UDFA I thought I had read that Osaisai was put on IR... but I can't find it anywhere.  Either way, he won't make the team.
Ben Muth - G 72 UDFA
Anthony Felder - OLB 58 UDFA Originally signed as a UDFA and then released in June.  Resigned after Wilhelm was released.
Kestahn Moore - RB 30 UDFA Signed after Curtis Brinkley was shot. No way he makes this team.


Things are starting to get a little clearer and we are starting to get a feel for some of these guys further down the chart.  The guys who don't make the 53 man roster may be added to the practice squad if no other team picks them up, there are 8 players on the practice squad.  I think a max of 2 of the UDFAs will make the 53 man roster, more preseason games will flesh this out further.

There are two cutdown dates set by the NFL, Sept 1 - 75 players and Sept 5 - 53 players.  Cuts may start before those dates, but I haven't heard of any yet.