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Chargers vs. Seahawks Preseason Game Notes

I got lucky and scored a free seat from our programmer at work.  Two things stick in my mind; one is Gregory's hit.  I'm not usually a huge fan, but that was a playoff style hit he put on the receiver; it hurt just to watch.  That is the kind of hit that will give receivers short arms and win games.  The other thing amazing play was Malcom Floyd's catch where he just leaped up like he was the corner and took the ball away.  This guy is a number one threat waiting in the wings; I'm ready to say he should be starting over Chambers.

The defense, without being spectacular stood up very well.  Three turnovers hurt, but the front line was pretty stout against the run.  It seemed like Vaughn Martin and Nwagbuo were out there most of the game, and they did well clogging up the run.  I also noticed they were getting a lot of coaching on the sideline after the offense took the field.  The QB attack was pretty mild, but it was pre-season after all.  I did not see it with the first stringers, but the second stringers went with four guys knuckles in the dirt quite a bit.  I wonder if we will a lot more 4-3 during the season.  Should Nwagbuo make the squad?  He looked awfully good.


Kevin Burnett looked like a starter; he played well against both the pass and the run.  Cason looked terrific, but played mostly against the second string.  He looks to be breaking up plays rather than just wrapping up the tackle this season.  Legedu Naanee had good and bad moments.  Buster Davis was out on the damn field and not limping a bit, he mostly looked good I thought.  I don't why I'm always rooting for him to come through; he did give up on a route that contributed to an interception.

Gates was amazing with a one handed grab behind him early, but then didn't put both hands on the ball later and ended up bobbling it away, much too non-chalant from a player of his caliber.  The third string TE has really soft hands, Kris Wilson was out there quite a bit, and I was more than a little impressed with his ability to get separation and catch.

LT was out there for a few plays, he made one great cut, the rest of the runs were fairly well stuffed.  Gartrell Johnson is not the answer; he might not make the squad unless he picks up his game.  He isn't afraid to run between the tackles, but you still have to go somewhere.  The offensive line did not run block well, but it takes a while to wear down a defense and they didn't play long enough to do that.  There did seem to be less of the power I run formation; I saw very little of Tolbert and think he is borderline gone already.  Hester has made himself into a great nuissance blocker, he doesn't blast guys like LoNeal did, but finds a way to take out his man.  Add in his ability to catch out of the backfield and he really adds a dimension this team didn't have before.

Both Rivers and Volek performed well; Charlie Whitehurst had an abysmal night.  He must have been channeling his inner Kyle Orton because he was making terrible decisions all night until the very end.  To be fair the backup offensive line was not at all sharp and Seattle was gettig pressure on him.  A lot of folks find the pre-season dull, but that catch by Floyd and hit by Gregory were spectacular; man it was great to watch football again.