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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #32


My temptation is to leave #32 up to a vote, but that would be cruel and unusual punishment.  The choices here are SO limited that I’m willing to bet that if we do this again in about 4 years, there'll be a different winner.  (Beyond the jump are the "others.")


Barely Worthy of an Honorable Mention


Eric Weddle, SS

Only because Weddle is a current member of a pretty good team, and appears to be more than just a one or two year fix.  But as far as winning the prestigious Golden Jersey?  Not until he learns how avoid getting hit in the head by punts.


Barely the Winner

Eric Bieniemy, RB

At 5’7", Bieniemy was the latest in a line of "little Running Back engines that could" for the Chargers – but, as opposed to Lionel James and James Brooks before him and Terrell Fletcher and Darren Sproles after him, Bieniemy couldn’t.  His numbers are entirely unimpressive.  808 yards from scrimmage and 4 touchdowns in 4 seasons, and a kick return average of under 17.


But my personal favorite memory of Bieniemy -- and the reason he wins the Golden Jersey – was of him in Super Bowl XXIX.  Not that he had a great game (I mean, what Charger did??).  In fact, the moment occurred before the game, during pre-game warm-ups.  Bieniemy was pumped up for what was clearly the game of his life (even though he factored very little in it, even before the coin toss).  In what was probably an effort to fire the team up, Bieniemy was taking the pre-game non-contact drills a little too seriously.  Defensive lineman Shawn Lee eventually had had enough, so when Bieniemy skittered past him at too-energetic a clip, Lee very casually laid him out on his keester.


As a Charger fan, it was fun to see the players on the team jacked up for the game.  But I also knew if the team had any chance to win it, they’d have to control their emotions.  Bieniemy personified the wild emotions-run-amok of the moment, and we all know where it got that team that day.

Jim Allison, RB

Roy Bennett, CB

Michael Brooks, FS

Donald Brown, CB

Robert Chancey, FB

Wyatt Henderson, CB

Kevin House, CB

Terry Lewis, CB

Billy Parks, WR

Scott Perry, CB

Todd Spencer, RB

Jewerl Thomas, RB