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Chargers Training Camp Interview: Kassim Osgood

A couple of notes before we get started on these.  First, the interviews are going to be short.  Both times that I was allowed in the locker room were while the players were getting ready to leave to go eat.  If I stayed too long with one player, I'd turn around and the locker room would be empty.  I tried to get in the questions I had an interest in hearing answers to and then get out, although there were a few questions that I wishes I had asked but didn't.

Second, I was a dick to Kassim.  Not his fault, I was just nervous.  He was my first face-to-face player interview and I asked the question about him playing Safety in a really rude way (by that I mean I had a mocking tone).  Later on in the day I wanted to apologize to him, but he was sitting in the ice tub and seemed busy with whatever he was reading (yeah, you can read that as "I chickened out").

Third, Kassim's hair looks good and his shirts were awesome.  Apparently a neighbor of his makes shirts for him.  I wish I remembered the name so I could rep the guy's company...and buy a couple of shirts.  Okay, on with the interview.


There's been a change in the rules for special teams.  Do you think it will effect you at all?
Me?  No, not at all.  It helps me.

Less people to go around in the wedge.  I can get to the ball-carrier faster.

Do you really think you can play Safety in the NFL?
Yeah, I can play Safety!  I played in college a little bit.  I like contact.

You want to be a Wide Receiver though, right?

You've been having a pretty good camp so far.
I've been trying to. With every ball that's thrown my way, I gotta make every opportunity count.  I'm trying to let them know that if they need me at receiver, I'm a viable option.

If the team tells you that you're going to be a special teamer again this year and they'll look at you for WR again next year, are you going to be OK with that?
Oh, well I'm up next year.  So right now I'm just focused on trying to get that Super Bowl ring.


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