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BFTB Fantasy Football, Part 2

Did you miss your chance to get into the Bolts From The Blue Fantasy Football League last week?  Lucky for you, there are 23 empty slots in the all new Bolts From The Blue 2 Fantasy Football League.  Join quickly though, as the first league filled up quickly and there may not be enough interest for a third one of these things.

Scoring and everything else is identical to the original BFTB league, so you'll still be able to talk to your friends in the other league about the awesome week you just had.  I'll also be highlighting "playoff" matchups in both leagues.  I, as the creator, will have a team in each league.  So if you were worried about not having the chance to defeat me and mock me in a game of fantasy football, worry no longer.

Join now!  The password to be a part of the league is "norval".