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Chagers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #31


It’s too bad Dave Winfield isn’t eligible.  He would have made this easy.  But until we open it up to all of San Diego sports, we’re stuck with a lot of Charger scrubs from the past.


The Scrubs

  • Willie Clark, CB

  • Leonard Coleman, S

  • Anthony Corley, RB

  • Brian Davis, CB

  • Bill Kay, CB

  • Craig McEwen, HB

  • Hanik Milligan, S

  • Darrell Pattillo, CB-S

  • Jason Perry, DB

  • Jeff Powell, RB

  • Ron Sayers, RB

The Winner


Antonio Cromartie, C

Just for the sheer fact that he has more interceptions in a single season than any other Charger, and he holds the NFL record for the longest touchdown – a record that will never be broken (unless they lengthen the field – perhaps when the NFL and CFL merge), Cromartie wins it. 


Pretty much every man, woman and child thought 2007 was a sign of greatness to come for Cro.  And then come 2008.  Suddenly there are questions, doubts, concerns.  Injuries?  Ego?  Flash in the pan?  Only time will tell.  I think one thing is certain.  As far as the By the Jersey Number series is concerned, Cro’s lucky he wears #31.  (Although he could wear 32 and still probably win.  Stay tuned for that.)