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Larry English signs with San Diego Chargers for 5 years

Well, that's that.  No big holdouts this year.  Even though there are still some picks around him who haven't yet signed, Larry English has agreed on a 5 year contract with the Chargers.  With the exception of Demetrius Byrd, who wasn't going to participate in Training Camp anyways, all of the Chargers picks are signed and in camp.

I can't remember specifically, but I think it's actually been a couple of years since the Chargers had a true hold out situation.  I'll do more research on it this weekend (probably not tomorrow, since that's my anniversary).

With everyone in camp and happy with their contracts, the team is ready to start Training Camp in an "all-business" mode.  Larry English, start taking lessons from Merriman and Phillips.  Kevin Ellison, start hitting some people and showing off those ball-hawk skills.  Louis Vasquez, use that big body and those tree-trunk legs to start plowing through people.  Gartrell Johnson, show this team what they were missing last season with the loss of Michael TurnerVaughn Martin, show that you're more than just a physical freak.  Veterans, learn the defense or the tweaks on offense and STAY HEALTHY.

When I saw that English was signed, I let out a big sigh of relief.  It feels as though contracts and money don't matter anymore.  The only thing that matters, at least for the next month, is football, football, football!  Are you ready?