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San Diego Chargers Link 7/31 - Veterans Report to Training Camp

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Kassim Osgood dyed his hair blonde and posted a picture of it on Twitter
Kassim Osgood dyed his hair blonde and posted a picture of it on Twitter

CHARGERS: Davis hopes to shed bust label with breakout season : North County Times - Californian 07-30-2009
"I don't think people realize how bad I was hurt," Buster Davis said. "I had a serious groin injury that I tried to play through, but about Week 8 or 9 I realized I couldn't go anymore. I am a tough player. I know how to fight through pain. It's just unfortunate that I had to have surgery during the season."

Searching for rookie gems as NFL training camps open - John P. Lopez -
The Chargers have not given the starting right guard position to Vasquez just yet, but they're dropping a lot of hints that Vasquez is everything and more than they imagined he'd be.

Norv Turner consistently has complimented Vasquez athletic ability considering his size (6-5, 333 pounds), while teammates have talked about the professionalism and attitude Vasquez has brought from Texas Tech.

He'll battle it out with former Pro Bowler Kyle Forney, but don't bet against Vasquez. He could be another of those mid-round gems that pays off for a dozen years or more.

"Rookie portion of camp finished" by Chargers Blog
I noticed today how much Vaughn Martin has leaned out and how he knows what he's doing. He might be the poster child of what a rookie should do and how these first three days are valuable. He said it took the first two days to get back up to speed. It showed. He's a physical freak, and he seemed to know what was up today.

Shawne Merriman was on the field for a few snaps in team drills. He moved off the line seemingly twice as fast as anyone else on the field.

Fourth-round pick Tyronne Green is working at guard but will also get lots of reps at center later in camp.

ALL CHARGED UP: Rivera leading the San Diego defense for a run at Super Bowl - :
Since taking over the Chargers' defense, Rivera has incorporated what he learned during his stints in Philadelphia and Chicago with a few new twists. "We're trying to make things simpler so the players can play fast," Rivera said. "We put together a system that fits the players. There will be a little twist to signify it's the Chargers."

Jackson files appeal in DUI case; suspension in 2009 unlikely
Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson probably will avoid an NFL suspension this season after recently appealing a judge's ruling in his DUI case. The appeal is likely to delay his legal case until after the 2009 season, which also would delay any suspension resulting from it.

"Football Outsiders pick Chargers" by Chargers Blog
In the chapter on the Chargers in the "Football Outsiders Almanac", they explain that in their six years of doing this preseason statistical analysis, only the 2007 Patriots (who ended up going 16-0) have come close to measuring as high as the Chargers.

Heated roster battles expected to center on four key positions
Mruczkowski. Brandon Siler. Mike Tolbert. Antwan Applewhite. All recognizable, all perhaps expendable due to numbers – and not numbers just at the position they play.

Do the Chargers keep nine or 10 linebackers? Nine or 10 offensive linemen? Five or six running backs? Four or five safeties? Which players make the biggest contribution on special teams?

"Guys think they're competing against a guy at their position," head coach Norv Turner said. "And sometimes they are. But in a lot of cases they're competing against guys at other positions for those last five or six roster spots."


Twitter updates and a music video are after the jump.

Twitter Updates

Legedu Naanee (LA_Naanee) on Twitter
Just finished packing for training camp.. Now headed to report for camp. Football season is officially here!

Gartrell Johnson (gartrelljohnson) on Twitter
Watching Real Sports on HBO...

Shawne Merriman (shawnemerriman) on Twitter
& im married to my career sorry ladies....I still have luv for all yall who support me

Antonio Cromartie (crimetime31) on Twitter
Just waking headed to my 1st practice I couldn't sleep last at all. It fells like it's my first day of camp man I love this feeling.

Shaun Phillips (ShaunPhillips95) on Twitter
Just finished packing my LA apartment up about to head back to SD. I don't think that I have ever been more excited to head back to SD.

kassim osgood (kassimosgood) on Twitter
@shawnemerriman got you beat!

Marcus McNeill (MarcusMcNeill73) on Twitter


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