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Chargers By the (Jersey) Numbers: #28

Not much to choose from with the gaggle of 28s from Charger history. Most of the 15 players to wear the number are barely worth mentioning. Then there are a couple who are ONLY worth mentioning. But it boils down to a tough call between two veteran Cornerbacks with surprisingly similar stats – from two different "glory days." You choose.

The Barely Worth Mentioning

· David Croudip, CB

· Chuck Dicus, WR

· Donnie Elder, CB

· Ken Greene, S

· Mike Hudson, S

· Willie McGee, CB

· Mario Mendez, WR

· Jerrell Pippens, S

· Jim Rockford, CB

· Elliot Smith, CB

· Ted Watts, DB

· Royce Womble, FL

The Only Worth Mentioning

Steve Gregory, DB

Ronney Jenkins, RB

The Finalists


Willie Buchanon, CB


Dwayne Harper, CB

Both played 11 years in the NFL.

Both were acquired by the Chargers after playing for a number of years on NFC teams (Buchanon 7 for Green Bay; Harper 6 for Seattle).

Both played in over 50 games for the Bolts. Buchanon started 49, Harper 51.

Harper has the edge in interceptions as a Charger, 11-7, but Buchanon recovered more fumbles, 7-2.

Buchanon came to the Chargers in 1979, as Air Coryell was taking flight. Harper came to the Chargers in 1994 – and started in Super Bowl XXIX (or is that a demerit?).

Ultimately, I leave it up to you, but my vote goes to the Chargers version of "old-man Willie." Buchanon was a local boy. He attended Oceanside High (the same high school as Junior Seau) and went to San Diego State (where he was coached by Don Coryell).

Plus, his overall career was better than Harper’s, as he played in three Pro Bowls, and was a Defensive Rookie of the Year in 1972.

Some might say that this shouldn’t even be put to a vote, that Buchanon should win it in a landslide. That’s certainly what I thought when I first started researching the 28s. But Harper deserves his do. He reached a pinnacle and played in a game that Buchanon never did. And their Charger stats are so surprisingly similar that it deserves a vote. So you make the call.