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San Diego Chargers Links 7/29

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Talks sour with sixth-round pick
According to sources, the sides differ on contract length and both appear firm in their position. The Chargers have offered a four-year deal commensurate with the contracts signed by the picks directly preceding and following Ellison. Those pacts were for four years and $1.85 million with signing bonuses of $101,750 and $100,600. Ellison, one of four sixth-rounders who remain unsigned, is asking for three years with a smaller signing bonus.

Rivers is looking to fine-tune his short passing game
"The running back route, by far, was the route I missed more than any others," he said Monday after the Chargers' first training camp workout. " I'm working on being more efficient with our running backs."

NFL's finest roster should finally produce NFL's finest team
The Chargers have the most talented roster in the National Football League, one that includes an elite, efficient quarterback, and athletic pedigree covering most every blade of grass. If the key components to their engine remain serviceable (which hasn't happened lately), they should win the Super Bowl.

Returning to school proved costly for linebacker Beckwith
The night of the draft, when he felt at his lowest, Beckwith received a text message from a guy he'd never met. It was Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, welcoming him into the team family.

Dawkins, Rivera release statements on Johnson - AFC West - ESPN
"I remember just after I was hired in Philadelphia, I had just finished signing my contract and he walked into my office and closed the door. He said, 'Listen. I'm an old linebacker coach. Don't take anything personal when I come in and take over your meetings, when I take over your drills. I can't help myself. Don't take it personal when I'm hard on you because I'm just trying to teach you.' That's exactly what he did."

Chargers Rookie Guard Vasquez Fighting To Start -
Rookie guard Louis Vasquez is in a spirited battle for the San Diego Chargers opening at right guard. If Vasquez earns it, the third-round pick from Texas Tech will do something he never envisioned: open holes for a Texas Christian running back. That ex-TCU running back is -- LaDainian Tomlinson.


Twitter updates and a music video after the jump.


Twitter Updates

Shawne Merriman (shawnemerriman) on Twitter
Love the early morning workout sets the tone for the rest of the day time for meetings

Shaun Phillips (ShaunPhillips95) on Twitter
Back on cali soil and you know what that means one day closer to work. I can feel it in the air let's go bolts.

Antonio Cromartie (crimetime31) on Twitter
look for I one I have kids my kids love my dogs so I wouldn't put my dogs or by kids in harm way. I could careless what sum1 does with there dog if they fight them they fight them. Watching dogs fight was experience I had when going up.

kassim osgood (kassimosgood) on Twitter
My segment on Sports Science on Fox Sports Net is finally airing right now!!! Been so long!

Marcus McNeill (MarcusMcNeill73) on Twitter
thx for all the support. Thts all the motivation I need today to go whoop som ASS.



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