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San Diego Chargers Links 7/28

English won't be at camp's opening
Safety Kevin Ellison, the sixth-round pick who is as yet unsigned, could be working out when training camp convenes at 10:30, as the sides appear close to an agreement. Barring a miracle, however, first-round pick Larry English will not be present. Negotiations with the 16th overall pick are hardly off the ground.

As of last night, English was among 28 (of 32) unsigned first-round picks across the league, and no picks within 10 spots in front of English or five spots behind him have signed. That doesn't give the Chargers and English's agent, Todd France, much to go on in terms of comparing contracts' finer points, which is really what the sides' differences hinge upon.

The Associated Press: Merriman eager to return to field for Chargers
"I just want to help the team get back what we lacked last year — nastiness and intensity and being physical," Merriman said. "I think that's where you notice it, being away from the game. Some of the things that I was really good at doing, that is motivating everybody else, getting everybody else to take their game to another level."

Chambers with three equal partners (he calls them his "Band of Brothers") has formed King Ape Records, a division of King Ape Entertainment (KAE).

Michael Vick has been conditionally reinstated by NFL - NFL -
Vick, free after serving 18 months in prison for running a dogfighting ring, was reinstated with conditions by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday. He could participate in regular-season games as early as October.

He'll probably end up with the Patriots and everyone else will go "How did they get him to behave?" Corey Dillion/Randy Moss, Act III.  Twitter updates, and a music video, are after the jump.

Twitter Updates

Luis Castillo (LuisCastillo93) on Twitter
Wow, think I want twins. Check this awesome pic out of these little guys at signing today. To cute

Legedu Naanee (LA_Naanee) on Twitter
Try doin this... Tweeting, txting, and black berry messnger all while driving! It makes a drive from orange county fly bye LOL

Shawne Merriman (shawnemerriman) on Twitter
Just ordered a kobe beef steak at this sushi spot ran into some of my teammates so much for privacy lol

Antonio Cromartie (crimetime31) on Twitter
Man this conditional reinstatement is whack as hell. Let the Vick play already. What else he has 2 join damn PETA. He did his time. Where's the union yet when u need them

HOLD ON.  I need to interject here.  Somebody needs to tell Antonio that he's costing himself money with his Twitter account.  Right now he's posting non-stop about Mike Vick, and he's siding with the guy!  Let the man prove that prison has changed him before you proclaim him a new man.  Before this Vick mess, Cro has used his Twitter account to fight ("@weavons3 man who the fuck are you nigga that's my girl nigga don't ever disrespect me."), show off his diet of greasy food (Popeye's, Roscoe's, Cheesecake Factory), admitted to some criminal activity from his high school days (put sugar in a teacher's gas tank, robbed 3 people, threatened a teacher, maybe sold drugs) and admitted to getting into FSU without ever taking a foreign language.  Slow down Cro!  Although....I do like that he's coming to camp with a mohawk.

kassim osgood (kassimosgood) on Twitter
Forgive Mike Vick for his sins and it's will also be forgiven. It's in the Lords prayer. I don't want to hear u say I'm a Christian and then turn around and say he shouldn't have a second chance!

Marcus McNeill (MarcusMcNeill73) on Twitter
@BrandonMack91 follow da fat boy club. we gon whoop tht ASS wen yall com to SD. Tell Suggs I'm ready!!!!!

Shaun Phillips (ShaunPhillips95) on Twitter
A few more days until show time. I can't wait to bang heads. It seems like eternity since I last played.

Gartrell Johnson (gartrelljohnson) on Twitter
San Diego..Baby

Steve Gregory (SteveGregory28) on Twitter
Training Camp in 1 week.. let's get this season started

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