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San Diego Chargers Training Camp Will Be Closed to Public

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According to the team's website, the Chargers will not open their training camp to the general public this year due to ongoing repairs being conducted to the underground storm drain system in the area.

"Training camp is a special time for our fans, and the decision to close camp this year was made very reluctantly," said Jim Steeg, the Chargers’ Chief Operating Officer.   "We share the city’s goal of completing these critical repairs during the dry summer months so in the end, we had no alternative but to take this step."

This is a huge bummer for all Charger fans, there is nothing better to get you excited about the upcoming NFL season than going to your teams training camp. 


Does anyone else miss going to see the team practice at UCSD?  That was by far the best training camp facility (at least for the fans) that the team has had to date.  I can think of far worse things to do during the summer than going out to La Jolla to watch my favorite football team play.