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Supplemental Draft

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The supplemental draft is tomorrow (Thursday).  For those of you who don't know, the supplemental draft allows draft eligible college players a last chance to get into the league in 2009.  In order to be eligible, a player must not have declared for the April draft.  This typically means that the player who declared for the supplemental draft intended to go back to school but the situation changed.  This could be because of a variety of reasons, most of them negative.  Typically, the player got either kicked off the team for some transgression or was ruled ineligible due to academics or some other reason.  Because of that, these players tend to be a bit of a risk.

That being said, we did pick up big Jamal Williams in the supplemental draft, we also got Paul Oliver a few years ago.  Whatever round you draft a player in during the supplemental draft, you will lose that pick in next year's real draft.  It is common for a team to not pick anyone in the supplemental draft, so the Chargers might not do anything.  In fact, last year no one was drafted at all by any team.  Typically, 2-5 players will be drafted in the entire supplemental draft.

The players who declared for the supplemental draft are:

Blake Boyd - OLB - Western Kentucky
McKinner Dixon - DE - Texas Tech
Jeremy Jarmon - DE - Kentucky
Torris Magee - WR - Southern Miss
Joe McMahon - OG - Central Michigan
Demetrice Morley - S - Tennessee
Deon Murphy - WR - Kansas St.
Corey Surrency - WR - Florida St.

Here are two good articles from the National Football Post breaking down the draft:

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