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Looking for Guest Writers

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I'm on vacation this week, at least from my real job.  I'll get up at least one post a day, but I probably won't be doing anything big research-wise.  Expect links and jersey numbers.

I'd like to have some of you guys act as guest writers.  In reality I could use as many people are interested, but what I really need are three writers to put something up on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  You will be given privileges for the week so that you can write a story that immediately goes to the front page.  Here are some post ideas:

Chargers By The (Jersey) Numbers - You take a number (next up is 26), I'll send you all of the guys that have worn that number with the Chargers and let you run with it.  If you want to know how I typically write these posts or want to know the best websites for getting football stats, I'll give you that also.

Run-in with Greatness - Post a story about an experience where you've met a Chargers player, coach or front office member.  Hall of Fame non-Chargers can be included in this also (I have a good story about meeting Barry Sanders that I'd write about here).

Predictions for 2009 - Lay out the schedule, look at the roster and start guessing.  Pick who will win position battles in camp and determine the team record after 16 games.  As always, thoroughly explain your reasoning.

Anything - Just try to make it Chargers related.  It could be how you became a fan or why you're a fan of the team.  It could be how excited you are for 2009, why watching games at home is better than watching them live, why you do or don't like Norv Turner, etc.  Just try to keep it clean, interesting and back up your opinions with research.


So, who's in?  You can apply to be a guest writer in the comments or by e-mailing me.