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San Diego Chargers RB Curtis Brinkley Shot

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Curtis Brinkley, a former record-setting West Catholic High School football star who was recently signed by the San Diego Chargers, is in a Philadelphia hospital this morning after being shot in a neighboring suburb.

His condition has not been released, but 6ABC quotes relatives as saying the wounds were not life threatening.

Cheltenham Township police said Brinkley, 23, was stopped in his car at the intersection of Spring Avenue and Ashbourne Road just after midnight when a gunman walked up and started blasting with a handgun.

Brinkley, who lives in Philadelphia, sped away to escape and the gunman fled in a waiting car. Police found Brinkley wounded in his car nearby.

I hope he's okay, both for the sake of his health and his football career.  You hate to see a kid, with a chance to make an NFL team and fulfill his dreams, have it taken away from him because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Our best wishes go out to Curtis and his family.