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San Diego Chargers Links - 7/1

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Pre-Training Camp Gridiron Gab Division Previews: AFC West " NFL Gridiron Gab
The Chargers are far and away the most experienced and talented team in the division anything less than winning the division would be a wasted year and could cost Norv Turner his job.

KFFL - Article - Philip Rivers, QB, San Diego Chargers
In his prime, Rivers shouldn't drop off too much, if at all. We expect near 4,000 yards and 30 touchdown passes from him, which easily makes him a No. 1 fantasy quarterback.

Charlie Batch Tells Rookies There's A "100 Percent" Chance Of A Lockout |
Per a league source, Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch warned the new players that there's a "100 percent" chance of a league-imposed lockout in 2011.

Brandon Hughes checks in from symposium -
Arthur Hightower, the Chargers Player Development Director, has been meeting with the rookies since we arrived in San Diego a few weeks ago so this week is kind of a refresher course on a lot of the things we’ve already been talking about. It’s still a very positive experience getting to listen to a lot of different speakers.

It feels like we’ve covered every topic in the book. We’ve heard about everything from how the NFL Players Association functions to the dangers of drug abuse. We’ve sat through sessions on domestic violence, financial advising, dealing with the media and learning to say no to the people who reappear in your life when they find out you just became an NFL player.

Twitter Updates:

Shawne Merriman (shawnemerriman) on Twitter
Wow ranked #3 best passrusher in the league now????i rather be a punter

kassim osgood (kassimosgood) on Twitter
In the off season to keep our competitive nature going and to keep us in shape we should have an NFL track league. Competition is great!

jamal williams (76767676) on Twitter
@crackpotjack who are you calling a geek ? bro its comics you get to meet the writers and get cool new and old comics and toys and coostuff

Shaun Phillips (ShaunPhillips95) on Twitter
My tweeps I'm putting my tweet down for a week so I can't show no love. RIP for a week.

Antonio Cromartie (crimetime31) on Twitter
Man a mango slushy would b good as heck before I went to sleep. I've had a long day. Thank you father Youve blessed in ways we can't imagine

Luis Castillo (LuisCastillo93) on Twitter
Just saw transformers. Great movie. I get what the hype is all about. 5 out of 5 stars

Marcus McNeill (MarcusMcNeill73) on Twitter
That Lombardi Trophy is ours BABY!

Legedu Naanee (LA_Naanee) on Twitter
I tried takin a week off from workin out but I'm goin crazy.. I'm hittn the weight room!

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