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Offseason News Roundup by Position - QB

For Chargers fans, news about the team during this offseason has been a slow drip.  Especially in comparison to the team's divisional rivals, each one going into the 2009 season with a variety of major coaching, system and personnel changes.  If you've been waiting for big news to break on the Chargers, you're going to be waiting a little bit longer.  However, that does not mean that news isn't out there.  So I've scoured through the internet and collected offseason news stories by position, starting with the quarterbacks...

This collection of news is all about Philip RiversBilly Volek and Charlie Whitehurst are locked in as the backup and third string QBs on the depth chart, and fortunately neither is making any noise about it.  The other good news about this offseason, as far as Rivers is concerned, is the lack of real news.  The team and the quarterback have admitted that they're discussing a long-term deal, since Philip's current contract runs out after the 2009 season, but they're handling the negotiations behind closed doors.  This is a sign that the relationship between the team and the player is on good terms, at least for now, and is a positive sign for Chargers fans.  I strongly believe a deal will get done during training camp that will make Rivers the highest paid QB in the league (and a Charger for life).  As far as the other big 2010 free-agents, namely Vincent Jackson, Shawne Merriman and Marcus McNeil, I think the team will wait and see what happens with the CBA before making any unnecessary moves.

  • Sporting News Conversation: Philip Rivers
    The San Diego Chargers quarterback discusses football, rivalries, trash-talking, the 2004 NFL draft class and playing for his father's high school football team.

  • 'Madden 10' Ratings: Top 10 Quarterbacks
    Philip Rivers comes in as the 7th best QB in the upcoming version of Madden. I don't mind the ranking, but I also don't think Kurt Warner deserve to be number 4 (ahead of Roethlisberger!). Great to see Rivers ahead of Cutler though.

  • Ranking the AFC West QBs - AFC West - ESPN
    Here is a ranking of the AFC West quarterbacks in a new-look lineup heading into 2009:
    1. Philip Rivers, San Diego: Rivers is, by far, the class of the AFC West quarterback crew. He is a born winner who is a great leader. He is getting progressively better. He is close to becoming an elite quarterback.

  • Ten AFC West players to build around - AFC West - ESPN
    1. Philip Rivers, quarterback, San Diego: Quarterbacks are the glue to the team, and Rivers has a chance to be one of the league's best for the next decade.

  • QB likes the calm offseason in San Diego - AFC West - ESPN
    There hasn't been much going on in San Diego this offseason. The Chargers, who have won three straight AFC West division championships, have been extremely quiet. Philip Rivers loves it.

    The San Diego quarterback and leader has watched incredible change unfold in the other three AFC West cities and he has watched his team virtually remain the same.

  • Rivers will miss Cutler rivalry - AFC West - ESPN
    Philip Rivers admits it. He's actually going to miss Jay Cutler. "I am going to miss that rivalry," Rivers said in between the Chargers' minicamp practices. "It was fun. I think it was good for the division. I really enjoyed it."

  • Less is more, more or less, in NFL season
    "I'd rather have fewer exhibition games and two more weeks of camp without the two extra (real) games," Rivers said. "We'd have to have a different mind-set. We have about all we can handle now. When you get into those later weeks and into January, it's a grind.

    Just show me when and where and I'll show up, but there are guys now who can barely walk when the season's over."

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