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San Diego Chargers Links - 6/30

Trent Green fills in for Peter King -
I think with teams going pass happy, there will be at least 10 quarterbacks to throw for more than 4,000 yards this season. Seem like a lot? I see six locks and seven more with potential. Let's break it down: Guaranteed to do it -- Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Kurt Warner, Philip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers.

An Outsider's Take on The Chiefs: The Chargers' Perspective - Arrowhead Pride
If you haven't seen it yet, go check out my battle with Chiefs fans over at Arrowhead Pride. About half of their commentors were great and took apart my points in the right way and the other half just wanted to bash Rivers and LT. Either way, it was loads of fun.

Chiefs Paying $14 Million Per Win - Arrowhead Pride
I know you guys are going to kill me on this (don't shoot the messenger) but the San Diego Chargers are one of the most efficient teams when it comes to churning out wins for the lowest cost possible. The Chargers $8.99 million spent per win is third only behind the Colts and the Patriots.  San Diego also has the fourth highest win total from '04 to '08.

Former Carroll star hopes to catch on with Cowboys | Sports |
Scott Chandler is trying to win the third TE spot in Dallas after two seasons with the Chargers.

Broncos continuing stance on Marshall - AFC West - ESPN
I talked to some people close to the situation Monday, and they said the Broncos will maintain their stance of keeping Marshall. The team still expects Marshall to show up for training camp. The team still has no plans to trade Marshall.

Denver's brass isn't fretting about the Marshall situation. The front office is on vacation and when the team reports to camp in late July, there is hope the Pro Bowl receiver will show. If he doesn't report for the beginning of camp, the team still expects Marshall to eventually show up.

Editor's Note: I don't understand.  So the Owner told Brandon Marshall that they would trade him even though they never had any plans to?  Don't you think that might make him a little upset?  I know they have all the cards because it's his contract year, but I think that eliminates any chance of him staying in Denver after this season.

The work ethic of quarterback JaMarcus Russell is still being questioned by many who have worked with him in the past and are working with him now. After he issued a call to his teammates to practice and finish the OTA days strong, he then disappeared and was AWOL on the last day.

Eric Berry's brother, 13, commits to Vols : Football Recruiting :
Evan Berry, brother of UT All-American safety Eric Berry, has committed to the Vols even before beginning his freshman season in high school.

Editor's Note: I'm wondering how he knows that the team will be interested in another 5 years.


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