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San Diego Chargers Links - 6/29

Good morning BFTB readers.  I'm going to try to do more of these news/link posts each day instead of throwing up a handful of FanShots every morning.  It's more organized this way.  Also, since I spend half of my life watching music videos on Youtube, I'm going to be stealing Deadspin's idea of throwing a random video at the end of each one.  Enjoy.

Chargers respond to Chula Vista Developments
"We understand the enormous difficulty the City faces in persuading California authorities to order the shutdown of the bay front power plant. And until that shut down is ordered, the bay front site will not be available to the people of Chula Vista for any use whatsoever. For that reason alone, our efforts in Chula Vista are on hold. If in the future the City succeeds in shutting down the power plant, and the City is then interested in re-starting discussions with the team, we would be open to doing so."

Magic Number of 30 a Bad Sign for Tomlinson - Bodog Beat
I found a great stat that took the averages of the top 50 running backs by yards in NFL history and their numbers in the year they were 29 and then 30. Those players' average rushing yards in a season dropped by more than 150, and touchdowns dropped by a little more than 20 percent.

There are always exceptions to the rule, and runners such as Curtis Martin and Emmitt Smith had very good seasons at age 30, but those truly are the exceptions.

YouTube - PFTV 6/26/09: Which L.T. Will Show Up In 2009?
Mike Florio from takes a look at whether the Chargers can count on LaDainian Tomlinson this year. Although I've disagreed with him a number of times in the past, I think he's dead on the money here. The only issue I have is that he never brings up Gartrell Johnson.

Copy 'Cats: 'Wildcats' to run in packs in '09 | Sporting News
A look at all of the teams adopting some form of the "Wildcat" option offense. Then a look through which players could have the biggest impact in that form of offense. Tomlinson ranks fourth.

NFL 101: Rookie English
We wrapped up Offseason Coaching Sessions last week and things went really well for me. I think it was real beneficial for me in a sense that I gained a real comfort level with the team and with the scheme of the defense. I feel a lot more confident as we head into training camp because of the base I’ve developed for myself.

On Saturday, I’ll join the seven other Chargers draft picks on a cross-country flight to Palm Beach, Florida for the rookie symposium. I’m sure we’re going to learn a lot about life in the NFL and it will be a beneficial few days. Every draft pick from around the NFL will be at the symposium, and it will be good to see some guys that I became friends with leading up to the draft. Robert Ayers from the Broncos and Kyle Moore from the Buccaneers are a couple guys I got to know really well through the Combine and workouts and things like that, so I’m looking forward to catching up with them.

Twitter Updates:

Jamal Williams - i dont think you guys would be ready for me mic'd up . bcuz that would be bananas . the things i say during the games grrrrrrrr.......

Cletis Gordon - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Antonio Cromartie - She says daddy can u get my water I'm thristy. I love this girl to death.

Kassim Osgood - Opening weekend!!! Powder Blues! Best uniform in the league! Unstoppable in these! Argue that!

Legedu Naanee - At the airport headed home to PORTLAND!!! See yall when I touch down

Marcus McNeil - @kassimosgood Man i need some followers help me out Mr. SD

Shawne Merriman - Man if i knew they were going to do a big mj tribute i would have went to the BET awards

Shaun Phillips - Carson palmers golf tourney were ballen

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