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San Diego Chargers on Twitter II

I know that it's annoying to call this a sequel, but what else is it?  A little over a month ago, I pointed you in the direction of Twitter accounts for 4 San Diego Chargers players and 4 members of the Bolts front office.  Now, from what I can find, 6 more Chargers players have started Twitter accounts.  So an update is necessary.

The Merriman/Ochocinco Twitter trash-talking that happened on Wednesday magnified just how great this tool is getting for sports fans.  I've been keeping quiet in fear that the team will shut down each of the players' accounts or something like that.  Never before have fans been offered such access into the minds of our favorite players.  On almost any day you can find out where your favorite player is, what he's doing, what he's interested in at the moment and usually what he's eating.  It's crazy.  Now imagine knowing all of those things during training camp, or the preseason, or the season!  Basketball players have already been caught tweeting at halftime of games, is there any doubt that NFL players will do the same thing?  Personally, I can't wait.

A full rundown of Chargers players and staff members on Twitter after the jump, along with my favorite recent tweet from each one.

Shawne Merriman: omg RIP king of pop i have a event today at velocity and my tweet up at stingery this makes it REALLY hard for me what should i do?  (BFTB's Take: Look at the ages of most NFL players.  They were the kids that got wrapped up in Thriller and all that.  Don't underestimate how hard that death will hit the NFL.  Thank goodness it happened in the offseason.)

Shaun Phillips: Everybody listeb to there mj cds all day pass the word and let's get it. Don't stop till u get enough.  (BFTB's Take: STOP TWEETING WHILE DRIVING!  That's all we need, the first NFL player to tweet his last words...)

Jamal Williams: i normally dont go out . but its my boy's bday and he wants to . but i have to work out in the morning . what should i do ?  (BFTB's Take: Jamal seems like a great team leader, even on twitter!  He seems like he's close with everyone, even offensive linemen.)

Antonio Cromartie: Walking the dog he is crazy he tried to run up on a mini Doberman. It was funny as heck. When other dog barked he took running the other way  (BFTB's Take: I didn't use it, but the story about a valet stealing from Cro is crazy to me.  Just a peek at what these guys deal with all the time.)

Steve Gregory: National Champs baby..... Gotta have love for the CUSE  (BFTB's Take: This was posted after Syracuse won the Lacrosse championship in a major upset.  Gotta take the wins where you can get them I suppose.)

Luis Castillo: Arrived at biltmore hotel. Very nice. Found out I'll be presenting an award w Pau Gasol. Guess I should've brought stilts instead of shoes  (BFTB's Take: Shame on me for not knowing that Luis Castillo had his own website, and it's a damn good one at that.)

Marcus McNeil: Hung out wit Jamarcus Russell, Veron Daivs, & Pat Sims last nite at a famous hang out spot n the A. U kno we balled OUT!  (BFTB's Take: Here's a kid that likes to have fun but has his head screwed on right also.  It is possible to have fun without getting in trouble.  Check out Marcus' foundation to help fight childhood obesity.  Another plus, Marcus has said he's going to get LT on Twitter.)

Cletis Gordon: N/A (BFTB's Take: Cletis has his updates protected.  Good luck getting through.)

Kassim Osgood: @DJGigi_SD well there goes that dream of hosting my SD Michael Jackson, Timberlake, and Usher concert! I tried SD!!!  (BFTB's Take: I know Kassim wants to be a WR instead of a special teamer, but I think if he was a receiver he'd have to spend more time in the weight room and less time hosting parties.  Be careful what you wish for.)

Legedu Naanee: Up early with a ton of thoughts runnin through my head.. "SEEING MYSELF THE BEST IN THE GAME"  (BFTB's Take: Naanee seems driven to me.  I liked what I saw from him in the playoffs last season, but after reading his Twitter I'm even more excited to see him break out in 2009.)

Joel Price ( Blogger): Funny stuff, @OGOchoCinco asking @jbruin for help with a 12sec video to @shawnemerriman Can this go on for 6 months?

Jamaal C. LaFrance (A member of Chargers PR Dept.): Watching Spain v. USA w/Luis Castillo. He'd probablly play soccer if he were smaller.

Casey Pearce ( Writer): @mortreport I'm flying to Little Rock on a Fri and driving from Russellville to KC Sat night so that I can make my 10th and Bolts/Chiefs.  (BFTB's Take: I have no idea what this means.)

Scott Yoffe (Chargers' Assistant Director of PR): Check out the latest post on Bolts invaded MCAS Miramar today for a practice and auto deal...Hoo Rah!!!

Chargers Official Twitter: This Friday (June 26, 4pm PT) #Chargers CB Antonio Cromartie will be in-studio on #NFL Total Access. Don't miss it!

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