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More Interviews with Mark Fabiani about the new San Diego Chargers Stadium

I always say to myself "No more stadium talk, I'm sick of it and so is everyone else."  But I keep getting sucked back in.  Maybe it's because I fear the Chargers are going to leave, maybe it's because Fabiani is such a smooth talker and I want so desperately to believe every word he says.  Not sure why.  These two interviews on XX were interesting.  Summaries below, download the mp3 for the whole interviews.

XX 1090 - Scott and BR Interview Mark Fabiani about Oceanside - 6/22 (10:32)

  • Is Oceanside worthy of consideration? MF: Yes, the developer involved is legit.  They control about 100 acres and can access even more.  They contacted us and we've have informal discussions.  Next step is to involve Dean Spanos and start talking with the city of Oceanside, the community groups, and the airport out there.
  • Would a stadium in Oceanside give the Chargers more regional appeal? MF: Yes, we have always liked Oceanside, and that was one of the reasons.  Looked into another site earlier.  Like the access to the OC and LA markets, which won't have a team in the foreseeable future.
  • What airport? MF: lookup oceanside airport on google maps to see the site.  The developer has already been working toward a different development effort.  The change in the market has driven them to try something else.  Environmental Impact Report is done, the infrastructure has already been planned.
  • Our assumption is we are going to have to privately fund the whole thing.
  • Is this our last chance? MF: Dean and the family have never put a deadline on anything.  Relationships with the City of San Diego have improved with the departure of Mike Aguirre.  We've had more meetings with the City in the last few months than in a long time before.
  • What did Ed Roski (City of Industry guy) say about the Oceanside deal? MF: Haven't talked to Roski in months.  They need to finish some lawsuits and then find a team.
  • What has to happen to make Oceanside move forward? MF: three things: 1) find out if there is public and political support, 2) Figure out if the money pencils out for the developer and the Chargers, and 3) Figure out if the airport issues are a deal breaker or not.
  • S&BR : bulldoze the airport! It's great to see some other options other than Chula Vista on the board since that one wasn't going to pan out anyways. MF: Chula Vista is still on the board, just need to get that power plant dealt with. (S&BR: whatever)

View Larger Map Note the beckoning drive in theater to the east in the this picture

XX 1090 - Scott and BR Interview Mark Fabiani about Chula Vista- 6/25 (13:13)

  • This interview was in response to Chula Vista City Councilman John McCann saying the stadium in Chula Vista is done due to changes in the council itself and McCann's military deployment.
  • Reaction? MF: We were involved in the meeting so we weren't surprised by McCann's statement.  The city has been unsuccessful in trying to shut down the power plant.  Until that happens, there is no site.
  • Still excited about the Oceanside opportunity for a variety of reasons.  We've also had a lot of good discussions with the city of San Diego.  Ever since Mike Aguirre left office we've been able to have a lot of good productive and open discussions with a lot of people down there.  Going forward we are focusing on those two things.  There are a couple other things that are still too preliminary to talk about.
  • S&BR: Other Possibilities?  MF: Too early to talk about, we'll let you know when the public announcement is ready, probably in the next month or two.  If we reveal it too early it might spoil it.  It has come about because of some of the open discussions we've had at San Diego City Hall.  When Mike Aguirre was there, no one could have those discussions.
  • S&BR: Floating Stadium?  MF: No.
  • S&BR: Downtown Stadium or Del Mar Fairgrounds?  MF: Followed the Del Mar thing, but there is not a lot of support in the legislature to sell the fairgrounds, probably not going to happen.  Downtown is a much more promising idea. Everything is there, infrastructure, hotels, restaurants.  And the new willingness of the City of San Diego to work with us it just might happen.