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Shawne Merriman takes on Chad Ochocinco via Twitter

Okay, this thing is nuts and can't be wrapped up in a few FanShots.  So, after the jump...the entire incident.  Who tweeted what and how scary does Merriman look in a boxing ring.

Keep an eye out for special guest appearances from Shaun Phillips and Jamal Williams.

Sorry Chad, I think you picked the wrong San Diego Chargers player to mess with.  Let's do a run-down of the back and forth.  How did it start?  Who fired the first shot?  Chad, of course.

Chad: Somebody please tell Shawne Merriman thats is ass on Dec. 20th, relay the message to the rest of the D, especially Cromartie!!!!child please

Why did Chad say that?  Does he have a particular beef with Shawne or Antonio or the Chargers for that matter?  No, of course not.  Chad said that because Ochenta y cinco needs to post a "tweet" on Twitter every 30 seconds or he dies due to lack of exposure.  It doesn't matter.  You call out the name Merriman and you're going to find a bull on your doorstep. 

Shawne: @OGOchoCinco Are you SERIOUS???????

Shawne: Man yall not going to believe how chad "OCHOCINCO" came at going to finish my workout

Instead of immediately finishing his workout, Shawne made this video....


Yikes.  If I were Chad, I'd shut the hell up.  "Yes sir, Mr. Merriman sir."  But apparently Chad's initial comments were angering the second scariest dude on the defense too, big Jamal Williams.

Jamal: @OGOchoCinco settle down my buddy be careful on what you ask for

Ocho knew he was screwed now.  He wouldn't be able to go out at night anymore.  He should move to India and start playing soccer.  Or...he could try and play nice....

Chad: @76767676 is this really you big bra or another imposter

Lucky for him, the charm seemed to work on JW.

Jamal: @OGOchoCinco yeah its me but im new to this twitter thing . i hope you are having a bless one today .

Have a blessed day?  Jamal never has been known for his trash-talk.  In fact, he seems like one of the quietest dudes on the team.  Shawne wasn't about to let it die down that quick.

Shawne: just got done with my first workout but since OCHOZERO or whatever he calls himself is talking im going to get extra for the day...LightsOut

Low scores for the nickname, but high scores for the idea that he's really pissed.  Things could've died down right there, with relations being tolerable, until Ocho comes out of nowhere with a ridiculous point

Chad: @76767676 bra remember what happened last time we played, we lost because of a minor set back in the 4th quarter, we back on point now

Oh boy.  Way to kick the sleeping bear.  JW's response:

Jamal: @OGOchoCinco all i remember is the WIN . anything other than that i cant recall lol

aaaaand here come those people that love to come running, yelling out "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!"  From a random guy:

Random Guy: @OGOchoCinco son either way son u knockn then damn damn BITCH niggas out. U seen what drew jones did to meriman a year back. He a hoe nigga

That's what we call "stirring the pot".  Fortunately, for Ocho's livlihood, he didn't take the bait:

Chad: @Random Guy no dont say that bra, i got respect for all of them dudes, its just time to start the shit talking thats all.

All right, so it's all in good fun.  Let's keep it going on then.  How was Chad going to respond to JW going "Scoreboard"?

Chad: @76767676 damn its all good, i will see yall soon, stay healthy my dude and blessings, see you on the 20th for your early Xmas gift, a lost!

First off, that's not how you spell loss.  Secondly, Chad seems terrified of Jamal.  That's all I'm going to say.  Good thing for him, JW wasn't hungry yesterday.

Jamal: @OGOchoCinco you to brah .

Are we caught up?  Let's recap.  Chad called out Merriman, Cromartie and the Chargers.  Merriman responded by saying he's working out and Jamal Williams grumbled and rolled over.  Now the Chargers were showing up as a team.

Shaun Phillips: @shawnemerriman u nigs crazy I got people hitting me telling me u and chad are going at it lol.

Shaun: Word on the street is that chad has a tramp stamp on his lowerback lol.

DAMN.  Chad didn't initially respond to SP, for whatever reason, but did decide to start poking at Merriman again.  Maybe after a season off Chad has forgotten how nuts Shawne can get?

Chad: @shawnemerriman damit i didnt stutter, i never held my tongue before, you heard me loud and clear, and we can get in the boxing ring to

Chad: CHILD PLEASE, is the word for the day, Shawne Merriman tryin to stop Ocho Cinco, CHILD PLEASE, better chance at finding Osama!!!

Oh god, that was dumb.  Even Jamal Williams came back to let Chad know that was dumb.

Jamal: @OGOchoCinco lmao you must be taking shots to the head in your boxing class to believe that

Chad really has nothing better to do than to tweet all day....

Chad: @76767676 I get hit all the time in the ring, but for some reason i make getting hit look so good, part of boxing, you can get it to!!!

Around this time things got quiet and Chad started calling people out again.

Chad:Headed to the boxing gym, deal with Mr. Merriman when i return, talking about ringing my neck out, yo lights gone be off permenantly!!!!

Chad: Shaun Phillips you want to get involved to, well since y'all Beverly Hill Billies want to gang up on the OC, it's on now!!!

Chad: Shawne you better stick to making music video appearances, ring that out, this ain't what you want! Child please

Shawne Merriman's response was about the best one you could give to that.  Headed to the boxing gym, are you Chad?


Yeah, he named the video "I'm ready trust me".  Chad spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how to get his MacBook camera working and how to post a video.  As everyone jumped into the Merriman ship after seeing the sparring video, Chad started taking some ridicule.

Chad: Since nobody understands why i talk so much i am getting ready to post the video of me sparring, maybe then youll get the point!!!!!!

No video has been posted yet.  I missed it at first, but a shirtless Chad Ochocinco did post a video from his living room it looks like (HT to matto619). It's hilarious too.  "Don't let last year fool you......BUDDY!"  Trying to make "Child Please" his own catch phrase is just ridiculous.  Chad seems to want to be Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Snoop Dogg, Shawne Merriman and Denzel Washington all in one.  Ain't happening......buddy.

Chad seems to tweet every few minutes about how he loves french toast, NASA and McDonalds.  I'm not kidding.  Merriman and the rest of the Chargers have moved on to more positive tweets today.  We all know who won this round.  It's the terrifying dude who ended the trash talk with a video.

This was all just a bit of a joke.  A couple of players having fun with it.  Totally allowed and encouraged.  Hell, when you play any sports against your friends you start talking trash right?  That's all that's going on.  It may be a little PR or whatever, but it's mostly just fun.  More than anything though, it's a reminder that football is right around the corner.  And every Chargers player being on Twitter during the season is going to make this thing crazy as hell.