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Lightning Links - 6/21 Happy Father's Day

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Chargers again mull Oceanside for stadium site
Two years after saying no to playing in Oceanside, the San Diego Chargers are again contemplating a new stadium there, this time at the site of a defunct drive-in theater on State Route 76. A developer and a team spokesman stressed that it is very early in their discussions and an Oceanside councilman called the prospect highly unlikely, but the talks mark yet another attempt to keep the Chargers from bolting town.

I know we've talked about this already and probably already posted this link, but I'm surprised at the lack of interest in this.  The team is scrambling to find a way to stay in San Diego, for one reason or another, and everyone seems to be ready to throw their hands in the air and give up.  Wouldn't you prefer the Chargers to be in Oceanside than in Los Angeles?  I would, and I also think Oceanside and San Diego County would benefit from them being there.

Self-fulfilling prophecies make NFL camp 'competitions' a total joke - Ross Tucker -
Self-fulfilling prophecies like these happen all the time and it is no secret why. Owners, GMs and coaches have a vested interest in having their decisions pay off -- or at least appear to pay off. It makes them look good.

It is one of the reasons I think more and more teams are drafting offensive linemen high in the draft over the last couple of seasons. Teams and prognosticators will use the term "safe," but I prefer the word "hide." That's because one of the reasons an offensive lineman is a safe pick is because teams can scheme block to protect him, and can give him help from backs, tight ends and other linemen. Then, at the end of the year, teams can point out the fact their high pick started all 16 games and only gave up a couple of sacks, even though the truth may be that he was given so much assistance that he was rarely placed in a position to fail.

A really interesting read, even though it's centered around the QB "competitions" in Denver and with the Jets.  The point has been made over and over again, but it's a good one; Do NFL teams think their fans are that stupid?  I think yes, and I think the media's place in the NFL is different than where the players and coaches think it is.  For instance, Norv Turner is doing interviews and giving up NOTHING at all.  Zero.  When he's asked a question about LT possibly getting 300+ carries in the upcoming season, he responds vaguely with "That wouldn’t surprise me. We expect LT to be 100% and have an LT kind of year."  When asked who backs up LT in case of an injury, he simply rattles off every RB on the roster and says they're all good.  Besides constant Brett Favre updates, what is the media's true purpose in the NFL today? Samantha Fillerup's Offseason Quotebook
Samantha Fillerup spent her offseason talking to key members of the football community. From players to coaches to college experts, she has covered the San Diego Chargers from every level. Now, she's opening up her files and sharing her 10 best quotes of the offseason.

Nothing shocking, but Samantha has collected a handful of good quotes from scouts and ex-coaches of the Chargers' rookie class.  The quote at the end concerning Florida State WR Greg Carr was specifically intriguing.

Kissing Suzy Kolber " Blog Archive " A Father’s Day Fit For A F–king Badass
12:00PM – Private Concorde to Atlantis in the Bahamas. Drink three Stoli & grapefruits while watching the in-flight movie, which is the first 40 minutes of "Full Metal Jacket", followed by the first 20 minutes of "Saving Private Ryan".

Because Drew is awesome, click the link and take a look at his itinerary for the best possible Father's Day.  I can't wait for the day where I can go to a bar/club and have my name being the only name on the guest list.