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Lance Alworth, Charger Legend - Interview

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XTRA Sports 1360 : Josh and Brian interview Lance Alworth (mp3),

Lance Alworth is a Charger legend and Hall of Famer.  He revolutionized the WR position back in the day with his speed and leaping ability and boldness across the middle.  This interview is about 9 minutes long and is well worth the listen if you have the time.  If not, here are some highlights:

  • At his peak, he made $30,000 a year.  He tried to negotiate for $35K but couldn't get it.
  • Reminisced about training camp in Boulevard.  Boulevard is out by Pine Valley, which is about 45 miles east of SD out the 8 freeway.  At the time Boulevard was just 2 football fields,12 bunk houses and a bunch of rattlesnakes...
  • He said he never noticed the crowd noise.  Never noticed the other players when he was going across the middle for a reception.  All he saw was the ball.
  • Q: What do you miss most about the game? LA: I miss third down. (Note: I love that answer!)