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Pick The Winner!

It's time pick the winner of the contest.  A full recap of the prize these guys are competing for:

  • You will receive 1 free ticket to the 11/8/09 game between the San Diego Chargers and the New York Giants at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
  • Open Bar!  Drinks at the game are paid for by me, but I reserve the right to cut you off if you're openly taunting Giants fans.  (Must be over 21 and show valid ID to receive alcoholic beverages)
  • If after winning you cannot make it to the game I will pick another winner.  You cannot sell the ticket or have a friend go in your place.

Voting will be closed at 5PM PST (8PM EST) on Wednesday, June 3rd (that's tomorrow!).  Comments will be open during the voting, so make sure you continue to campaign for yourself or your favorite contestant.  After the jump, a recap of what the contestants did yesterday to earn a spot in this vote.

UPDATE: I'm a moron and posted this without the poll.  My bad.  It's up now.

SECOND UPDATE: It seems this vote was a bad idea.  If there was a way to set it where only members could vote it would be different, but it seems like that's not the way it's being used.  The poll has been removed.  An explanation, and a declaration of the winner, is coming at some point today.

There are five contestants.  I originally had four, but I felt that NY#1BOLTFAN should not be punished for being busy.  So he gets his name tossed in the hat to compete.  So, what did these guys do since we last checked in on them?

GABOLT - Yesterday I pointed out that GABOLT, or Nate, was a regular commentor since posting his FanPost and he did not disappoint.  Four comments yesterday and two already today (plus a vote for Billy Volek).  He even cheered on his competitor, complimenting Buck Melanoma's beard.  Nate was in already, but his solidified his spot yesterday.

Figboot - Now this one surprised me.  After seeing my criticism for not being a part of Gaslamp Ball and not commenting here at BFTB, Figboot took some initiative.  In one day he joined Gaslamp Ball and left four comments at BFTB.  His comments weren't just one-liners either.  They were good, thought-out comments.  I get the feeling that he wasn't lying when he said that even if he doesn't win he's going to stick around here and be a part of our commenting community.  Graphs for everyone!

Clip Show - If I was one of these other competitors I would've tried to pay off Clip Show to no-show this competition.  The man was a maniac yesterday, commenting NINE TIMES at Bolts From The Blue and SEVEN MORE TIMES at Clips Nation, the SB Nation blog for the L.A. Clippers.  Not only that, he put some pictures of the legendary early-90s Chargers parka in the comments section of yesterday's post and even gave the ladies something to swoon over with a shot-from-behind of himself on the sidelines of the Q.  Somebody hit this man with a fire extinguisher.

Buck Melanoma - Buck did the world a favor and put some pictures of himself in the parking lot of the Q in yesterday's comments section.  I'm starting to think that Buck winning would be the closest I ever got to watching a football game with Billy Gibbons, and that's a pretty awesome thought.  Buck also came through with two other good comments to put him back into the class of "smart fan".  Buck may be a bit of an underdog in this vote, but I wouldn't doubt him pulling out the victory.  Something tells me he's got lots of friends that will show up to cast votes for him.

NY#1BOLTFAN - The comeback kid, Don.  I didn't think he had a real good chance at getting into this vote.  Then he came through with a bribe (he'd let me pick a Chargers tattoo for him to get) and a good excuse for his absence since posting (nephew's graduation and a wedding).  Think of the possibilities of that first one.  I could pick something out that includes "Bolts From The Blue" in there somewhere for some central NY marketing.  We could become the first SB Nation football blog with a trademark-tattooed fan (narrowly missing being the first SB Nation blog overall due to TTG's dedication to the rally unicorn).  The tattoo promise was a big one and it definitely got Don into this vote.

I'm letting everyone know right now....I will not vote until right before closing the voting tomorrow night.  I have not decided who is getting my vote yet.  So use the comments wisely.  Campaign, promise and pull off some shady back-room deals.  This is politics people!