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Philip Rivers Interview With ESPN Radio

Philip Rivers does an interview with ESPN Radio

  • Philip's a big Favre fan and has been since childhood.  He says he understands how hard it is for Favre to leave the game because they're both fierce competitors.  When asked if he thinks he'll have a hard time letting go like Favre, Rivers said he thinks he will.  "It's hard to put the game down.  All you can do is try."
  • Philip admits that without sitting behind Brees for two seasons he wouldn't have succeeded as a starter as quickly as he has and the transition from college to the NFL would not have been as smooth.  "Coming out of college I thought I was ready to play, but after those two seasons I was way better off than if I came in as a rookie."
  • The difference between college and the NFL: "I remember in OTAs during my rookie season I didn't throw a couple passes because I thought the guy was covered, and Coach Cameron would stop everything and come over and say 'That guy's wide open.'  He looked covered to me....The windows you have to fit balls in are a lot more precise at this level."
  • Rivers likes his receivers: "It's great any time you have big receivers to throw it to.  I'm fortunately enough to have a handful of them in Antonio Gates, Vincent Jackson, Malcom Floyd and Chris Chambers.  Those guys are long and they can go get the ball."
  • I can find out who is interviewing Rivers here, but he's a tool.  During the entire interview he must've mentioned Mark Sanchez about 10 different times.  The entire interview was all about Sanchez and Rivers just rolled with it, relating his own experiences.  That shows you what a good guy Rivers is, but also how little respect he still gets as one of the league's best young talents.
  • What can we expect from LaDainian Tomlinson?  "I know it's cliche, but he's looking as good as he's looked in the past 3-4 offseasons.  He's cutting quick and he looks really good.  In terms of nagging injuries, for running backs he's had some of the worst ones you can have....He's as hungry and eager and as in-shape as I've seen from him in the last 3-4 years.  I don't see any reason why he can't be up there battling for the rushing title again this season."
  • Health?  "We're really healthy this offseason where as in the past we haven't been.  We've got Hardwick and Gates....Merriman and LT....we all feel very healthy, very excited about hopefully getting off to a fast start."
  • As usual, Rivers showed himself to be a class act and a great interview even though the interviewer seemed to barely know who he was.  Rivers talked about being behind Brees after the guy asked about Sanchez starting right away.  Rivers talked about his receivers after the guy talked about the possibility of Plaxico Burress going to the Jets (to help Sanchez).  The only Chargers-related talk from the guy centered around LT.  What a shame.