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Countdown Clock: 2 Months Away!

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We are exactly two months from the San Diego Chargers first preseason game of the 2009 season, against the Seattle Seahawks.  I don't understand why these two teams seemingly play each other every preseason.  Is there a fake rivalry, like the Padres-Mariners rivalry?  I guess the idea is to play non-division rivals that are conveniently located in the preseason, but I think it would've made a ton of sense for the Chargers to play the Cowboys in San Diego every year since their training camp was in Oxnard, CA.  Now that they've moved it to San Antonio though, it makes no sense.

Anyways, I'm rambling.  The key thing to note is....FOOTBALL'S ALMOST HERE!  You have two months to make signs mocking the Seahawks' fans for that game.  I may even be there, and just in case I'm putting my thoughts down with a black sharpie on white cardboard.  My sign is going to say "DON'T GET HURT!"