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Around the NFL 5/21

The biggest NFL story of the week is Michael Vick moving from federal prison to home confinement.  On BFTB's Twitter page I toyed with the idea of the Chargers going after Vick.  There's no doubt that in the right environment the guy could be a weapon.  However, first he needs to be reinstated (not guaranteed) and then he needs to generate interest.  With that being said...imagine if 4-5 times a game Vick came in and the Chargers ran the "Wildcat" offense with Vick and LT being the RBs/QBs.  That'd be something.  But his price tag will probably be high (he's broke and has an inflated ego) and we have enough trouble with the law on our roster.  Plus, he'd probably end up complaining about playing time after the first loss.  I predict Vick ends up with the 49ers (at the league minimum) and they go with a two quarterback system (with him and Shaun Hill).  It would certainly make their offense more exciting, but not necessarily better.

The NFL is looking to expand the "Rooney Rule" to include open GM jobs.  This means that when teams are interviewing potential GM candidates they will be required to bring in at least one minority candidate.  I know it sounds stupid and like it won't accomplish anything, but I like it.  I think there are teams that get so focused on one or two guys, but then when they bring in that token minority candidate they're blown away and change their minds.  This is also the NFL telling all the the teams that they didn't like the way the GM hiring process went this offseason.  I'm of the belief that some of the best GMs in football are minorities, most notably Ozzie Newsome and Jerry Reese, and that getting more in that position would be beneficial to the league.

The Patriots have faith in former SDSU QB Kevin O'Connell to do the job if Tom Brady gets hurt.  I never thought O'Connell was that great at SDSU, but he certainly seemed to have the right tools.  I guess the same could be said about Cassel, right?  This article makes a big deal out of the Cassel deal, saying that it's a sign that the Patriots are confident Brady will be back healthy by training camp.  I disagree.  Belichek seems like the type that would rather be paying pennies to a starter that's almost-as-good (O'Connell) than big money to someone who might end up the backup anyways (Cassel).  The AFC East got worse when Favre left.  There's a good chance that even if Brady misses half of the 2009 season, or even the whole thing, that the Patriots are going to be in the running for the division crown.  No point in paying two QBs huge dollars for the same result you could get without one of them.

Niners CB Walt Harris might be done for the season after tearing a ligament in his right knee.  He's a solid corner that leaves a big hole in an improving defense.  I predict a trade between the Niners and the Eagles: Niners pick up underrated corner Sheldon Brown and sign him long-term, Eagles pick up a second-round pick.  That would work out well for both teams.

Speaking of trade ideas, I got a big one.  Anquan Boldin is skipping voluntary workouts and demanding a trade.  Josh Cribbs, probably the best kick returner in the league, wants the Browns to fork over the cash in a big contract or else he wants a trade.  So how about this for a deal: Cardinals get Derek Anderson, Braylon Edwards and Josh Cribbs while the Browns get Matt Leinart, Anquan Boldin and a first-round pick.  Now tell me that Braylon Edwards wouldn't be productive alongside Fitzgerald and Breaston.  And just try to convince me that Brady Quinn wouldn't be able to get some offense out of Boldin.

Don't forget that if you want a chance to win a free ticket and free booze at the November 8th Chargers/Giants game (in East Rutherford, NJ) you have to write up a FanPost telling me why I should choose you.  Including your age may be a good idea, by the way.  Also, the deadline for submitting one of these was Friday evening but has been moved a couple of days back.  I'm not sure exactly when yet, but I'll let you know.  I think the best way to do this is for me to pick several finalists after the deadline and have you guys select the winner.  What do you think?

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