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San Diego Chargers on Twitter

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Have you heard of Twitter?  Of course you have!  If you have eyes and ears it's impossible for you to get away from it these days.  Even in the middle of the offseason, the NFL is no exception and Twitter may just be providing our favorite players with the voice we always wish they had.

These players have been trained, by their agents and teams, to give templated answers to questions in the locker room.  Due to this, we never get to know who they really are.  What are their interests?  Who are their friends?  What do they do when they're not playing football?  Well, for the technically-inclined player with something to say....Twitter is the outlet.  As it has already gotten some NBA pros in trouble, it will undoubtedly get some NFL pros in trouble before it's soon regarded as another place to give out templated statements.  Fortunately for us, that day has not yet arrived and your favorite players are letting you inside their glamorous life!

Here's a list of some of the Twitters you should be following along with some of their best tweets:

Official Chargers Twitter: We signed North Texas punter Truman Spencer and Georgia TE James Chandler. They're on the field today. #chargers

Shawne Merriman: so i was running to the airport late and stop to think damn my knee is feeling really good after running a 4.4 through the airport

Kassim Osgood: some movies never get old. Jerry McGwire is a classic. show me the money! i love the black people!

Antonio Cromartie: In mtgs they are boring and then we headed to the field to get some true work

Steve Gregory: playing a round of 18.. love being back in SD

Scott Yoffe (Assistant Director of Public Relations): Sending my first feel like an actual tweeter with my new picture posted...that's me about to get trampled...happens 10x per year

Casey Pearce ( Writer): Watching a replay of the 1994 AFC Championship Game. They're showing it on the inner office feed at work. Great win for the Bolts!

Jamaal C. LaFrance (Chargers PR Department): This might be Kassim Osgood's first year showing up for OTA's. Nice having him around. I know Rivers is happy about having another target.

Joel Price (Official Chargers Blogger): Whoa, personal record! 6 feet of Subway sandwich in 7 days.

Bolts From The Blue: I bet the Chargers wish they had signed Rivers to a long-term deal before Stafford's contract. Wonder if he'll take a Brady-like discount?


Whew!  Did I miss anyone?  If I did, let me know in the comments and I'll add them in.  Make sure you follow our Twitter so that we can beat our AFC rivals in SBNation's Twitter 5K Race.  Here are the current numbers:

Mile High Report (Broncos) - 404 followers

Bolts From The Blue - 367 390 followers

Arrowhead Pride (Chiefs) -313 followers

Silver and Black Pride (Raiders) - 18 followers


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