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Mike Riley talks about Brandon Hughes - 5th round pick

XX Sports 1090 : Scott and BR interview Mike Riley (mp3), 4/31

Remember Mike Riley? Great guy, not so great NFL coach.  Now he is the coach of Oregon State and stopped in to talk about the CB he sent us in the 5th round, Brandon Hughes.

  • Played a lot of man to man, 4 year starter
  • Played Receiver coming out of HS
  • You can see the WR come out when he plays the ball in the air... Ball Skillz
  • Riley says Hughes' best attributes are: beautiful runner, plays taller than his 5-10, long arm extension, hard worker.
  • OSU put 7 players in the NFL, good for Beaver recruiting!
  • Mike Riley doesn't tweet on twitter, Les Miles and Pete Carroll do, BR and Scott think he should