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A Few Draft What Ifs...

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Let me run a few "what if" scenarios by you. These are all a little unlikely (in fact that is my criteria for listing them), but I think at least one of them will happen on draft day. They all involve someone slipping to us at 16.

One of the top 4 OTs slips to us at 16:

  • Eugene Monroe, Jason Smith, Andre Smith, Michael Oher. Monroe and J Smith are can't miss and will be off the board by 5. A Smith and Oher both have some red flags and may slip. Some mocks have them all gone by 9, others have Oher on the board past us.

Malcom Jenkins slips to us at 16:

  • The top rated CB in the draft. Has been rumored to be a better safety prospect than CB. About half the mocks have him going before us ( many mocks have us taking him)

BJ Raji slips to us at 16:

  • Best DT on the board and would be a great heir apparent to Jamal. I've seen a few mocks with him as low as 12 or so, none have him reaching us, so this is a bit of a stretch.

One of the top 3 WRs slips to us at 16:

  • Crabtree, Heyward-Bey, and Maclin are the three "can't miss" WR prospects in this draft. I don't believe I have seen a mock that has them falling to us, but you never know.

Everette Brown slips to us a 16:

  • Everette Brown, DE FSU will probably play OLB in a 3-4 and is the only top guy at that position who would be considered to have slipped if he made it to us (Curry also might be in this group, but he is more of a 4-3 guy, and will be gone early)

While some of these are less likely than others, I think that at least one of them will actually happen. If one of them were to happen, which one would you want it to be?

I'm hoping for BJ Raji. I think that position is a difficult one to find someone who is dominant at, especially in later rounds. I also think a dominant NT can affect the game more than a dominant OT or CB. I think a dominant NT is a rival of the Merriman\Ware type OLB or a franchise QB in ability to affect the game and are probably harder to find.