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Around the NFL 4/21

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The Jaguars signed Torry Holt to a three-year deal.  I watched a lot of Holt last year, after he was auto-drafted onto my fantasy team, and he is finished.  Physically he's no longer fast enough, quick enough and strong enough.  Mentally he doesn't understand that and gets angry when the balls not thrown to him.  If he's agreed to be a number 2 in Jacksonville he might be able to be an Eric Parker-like player, but this signing is not the news it would've been several years ago.

Former LSU receiver Demetrius Byrd is in intensive care after a car accident in Miami.  I liked Byrd a lot in college and was hoping the Chargers might grab him in the 5th round, but now he most likely won't be drafted and will have to work out for teams once he's healthy to prove that there's no risidual effect.

The Detroit Lions unveiled a new logo, new lettering and new uniforms for the upcoming season.  I've secretly rooted for the Lions since the days of Barry Sanders (I even have a Joey Harrington bobblehead doll) and love the new logo and lettering.  It looks fierce and it takes them into the 21st century.  Reminds me of when the Cardinals switched to the "meaner" bird logo, it just freshens things up.

Remember those stories of B.J. Raji, Clay Matthews, Vontae Davis and Brian Cushing failing their drug tests?  Turns out, they're all clean. has an extensive list of scouting reports for all of your NFL Draft needs.  Here are direct links to some of the players that have been discussed here: