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SB Nation Twitter 5K Race

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Have you checked out the Official Bolts From The Blue Twitter yet?  You can do so by clicking on that link or looking at the widget down the right side of this page (below the recent FanShots).  It's not only a place to see when a new post has been put up on the front page, but it's also a place to get site news, team-related humor and so on.  Basically, if you like the blog you should follow the twitter.

This is especially important because SB Nation is having a race to see which blog can get to 5,000 followers on their twitter first.  So tell your friends, create multiple accounts, do whatever because I want to win this thing!  This will go a long way towards proving to the rest of the blogs that the Chargers are a top-tier team with a rabid fanbase.  I'm relying on you guys to make me proud and at the very least help us defeat some division rivals.

Bolts From The Blue - 43 45 55 68 75 followers

Silver and Black Pride (Raiders) - 6 followers

Mile High Report (Broncos) - 242 309 313 followers

There are two ways that you can follow our twitter.  You can use the widget on the right-side to login with your twitter account and then hit the "Follow" button or you can do it from our twitter page after logging in.  Every new follower helps, so if you're not already following us start today!  Not only will you be signing up for some good content (Did I mention that the Twitter page will be used to provide in-game updates to Chargers games attended by BFTB writers?), but you will be helping this blog in it's mission to catch and pass Mile High Report.