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Around the NFL 4/20

  • The Philadelphia Eagles traded away a first round pick (they had two), a fourth round pick and a second-day pick in 2010 to the Buffalo Bills for Jason Peters.  Not only is this a very smart move by Andy Reid, obtaining an established OT to fill a hole, but it changes the outlook of the first round of the NFL draft.
  • The Bills also signed Dominic Rhodes to a two-year deal to help prevent any drop-off during Marshawn Lynch's three game suspension to open the 2009 season.  Good move for those three weeks, but after that they're going to be pushing talented running back Fred Jackson off the field.  Stalls in contract talks with Jackson, plus the signing of Rhodes, may see him getting traded to another team before the draft.
  • The NFL did the right thing and moved the start time of the September 27th game between the Jets and Titans up to 1pm so that their Jewish fans could enjoy the game and get home before sundown on Yom Kippur.
  • John Madden retired from broadcasting and will be replaced in the Sunday Night Football games by Cris Collingsworth.  I haven't liked the Madden/Michaels team very much, but I think the Madden/Summerall may be my favorite commentating team of all time.  He also was part of some of my favorite beer commercials: