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Bolts From The Blue Mock Draft League

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I cordially welcome you to join the First Annual Bolts From The Blue Mock Draft, courtesy of's "Predict the Pick".

Just click here and join the league (Password: gobolts) to begin making your picks for the first round of 2009 NFL Draft. You will be able to edit your picks up until the start of the draft, so make sure you continue to check here and at Mocking The Draft
for your latest draft news.  I encourage you to come up with a creative "team" name, but make sure to include your username on this blog in parenthesis afterwards so that I can properly identify the winner.

The winner of our league will be receiving a free, custom-designed Chargers t-shirt in their size with any name and number on the back.  This will not be a t-shirt that you can buy at the mall, but it will be awesome and FREE.  So go make your picks and stay on top of them until draft day next Saturday for your chance to be the big winner.