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Vontae Davis - Potential Safety?

In terms of safeties we have looked at Malcolm Jenkins who may have dropped enough to be a target to play safety for the Chargers. Another player that might fit as a conversion project is Vontae Davis. He is the brother of Vernon Davis, tight end for the 49ers. At 6'0" he ran the 40 yard dash in 4.49 seconds at the combine, one of only a few corner prospects to crack 4.5. This season he recorded 78 tackles, 7 for a loss with 2 picks and 10 passes defensed. He hits extremely hard, forcing three fumbles; eventually teams stopped throwing his direction.

Here are some highlights:

The shift to Safety might be a difficult one as Davis has all the tools to be a corner in the NFL. While he might balk at first, I think he would come around if the contract were structured properly. The up side is that at 200 pounds he has the size and the three forced fumbles shows he can really hit. He reportedly plays good bump and coverage off the line. There are some red flags here too though; he had the reputation of being difficult and not taking instruction well; not unlike his brother. That is the type of thing that can be disruptive on the field and in the locker room; it could get exaserbated if he is moved to safety. He also has the reputation of under-performing his athletic gifts, perhaps due to his difficulty in taking instructions.