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Hello readers.  I'd like to start with an apology.  DaBolts has mostly left this blog and the transition period since has seen a slowdown in the number of posts and therefore a slowdown in participation.  I have now taken the reins and will be the new Bolts From The Blue leader.  You will see some changes in the coming days dealing with design and layout of the blog, but for the most part things will be business as usual.  This should serve as a memo to you that you should start checking our little blog here as much as possible, because posts are going to be added multiple times a day and they're all going to need your input!

First order of business, the links.  DaBolts did these on a fairly regular basis in the offseason but they've slowed recently.  I will be putting them out each morning.  Most of them will deal with the Chargers, with some major NFL news mixed in as well.  As news happens throughout the day I may simply add the link into the morning post, so keep your eyes on it.

Anthony Waters signs a deal to play LB with the New Orleans Saints.  Since he's now out of the division and conference, the best of luck to him.

Mike Mayock runs down the Chargers options on draft day and which positions they will need to address.

Finally, as always I'd like to stress to the readers that this is your blog and your community.  So any ideas you guys have, anything you want done with the blog, let me know and I'll do my best to satisfy.