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Team President Dean Spanos shares his thoughts on the Chargers 2009 schedule

The NFL draft is only 11 days away and with the lack of a second round pick many of us may have forgotten that A.J. Smith has 8 picks to play with (including 5 in the first 4 rounds).  With his history of finding good picks in later rounds, that makes me even more excited.

The Steelers signed the 2009 Defensive Player of the Year winner James Harrison to a 6 year, $51 million contract.

Maurice Jones-Drew, now the unquestioned number 1 running back for the Jaguars, picked up a 4 year extension that will pay him more than $8.2 million per season.  This now makes him one of the three highest paid running backs in football.

The Giants are expected to complete a trade for Braylon Edwards before the draft.  An updated list of players that Mangini does not think he can work with: The star WR (Edwards), The star TE (Winslow, gone), The top 2 QBs (Quinn and Anderson) and The star Nose Tackle (Rogers).

The Chargers schedule is ranked as 17th easiest by Albert Breer, who warns that another slow-start/fast-finish may be in our future.

A look back at the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft to see which picks turned out to be busts and which ones didn't.  If this draft was done over again DeAngelo Williams would go in the top 3, so it's amazing that his name wasn't called until pick 27.