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Static from Around the Web

Buster is feeling better.

This article suggests Jamarcus Russell's time is running out.  Seems like it would be good to get him an offensive line and some receivers before making the call.

Yet another mock that has us taking Tyson Jackson.

Will Plaxico do time for shooting himself?  Boy the Giants sure missed him.

Moats forgives the cop that held him after rolling through a stop sign as his mother in law was dying.  He's a bigger man than me in a number of ways.

The 49ers get an offensive right tackle.

The Titans continue their weird two-step with Vince Young.

Vick thinks he's going to get 10 mil/season, think again Mike.

It's expensive being a prima-donna, it cost Cutler 100 grand.  How voluntary is it if it costs you $100,000 to miss?

Haynesworth says he isn't guilty of traffic offenses.  I always loved the story of boxer Jack Johnson roaring through a small town and getting pulled over.  The cop tells him it's a $50 fine and he peels off a hundred and says he has to come back that way later.  Haynesworth, you're no Jack Johnson.