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Static from around the Web

Two Raiders have gone missing from a fishing boat in high seas.  This doesn't sound good; I hope it turns out well.

Biggest mistakes of Free Agency according to NFL's Vic Carucci; and yes the Broncos and Redskins figure prominently.

Jason Taylor is cut, but not just for being injured; he also refused to make off season workouts.  He's talented but his motor seems to be turning slower these days. [HT sdsuaztec4]

The Seahawks land Houshmandzadeh, boy I'm glad he didn't make the Chargers.  I would hate spelling his name every week.

I'm not sure they will ever be able to prove anything, but the KC deal doesn't smell quite right if the Patriots really turned down a first rounder.  Will Peppers end up at the Patriots?

Warner auditions for the 49ers; I'm surprised the Cardinals haven't locked him up yet.

Yet another Cutler article.  I think I may just go with YACA from now on.  Cutler to the Vikings or Lions maybe?

In the UT mailbag, Kevin Acee insinuates that Waters release had to do with something unsavory off field problem.

Football Outsiders looks at the AFC West.  The Broncos are unlikely to get a lot better on defense, Russell is looking bustish, the article was pre-Cassel so they look at Thigpen's numbers and look at LTs possibility for a rebound based on other great running backs end of career numbers.