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BFTB Mock Draft Picks 25-28

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins come off a pretty amazing comeback season.  Statistically they ranked fairly well in all areas except pass defense.  They did lose one safety and could use an upgrade at cornerback.  Their defensive tackle is old in NFL years and could use an upgrade.  Over at the Phinsider this is how they are looking at the 'draft bracket'.

Team Stats - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 21.6 345.6 (12th) 227.0 (10th) 118.6 (11th)
Def 19.8 329.0 (15th) 227.8 (25th) 101.3 (10th)

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens were rock solid on defense as usual, but they did lose Bart Scott to the Jets.  Still their clearest need is to amp up their passing game; particularly with a deep threat.  Also as good as their defense was, they could use an upgrade at defensive end.  Here is a poll from the folks at Baltimore Beatdown.

Team Stats - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 22.6 324.0 (18th) 175.5 (28th) 148.5 (4th)
Def 14.4 261.1 (2nd) 179.7 (2nd) 81.4 (3rd)

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have two needs, a running attack and a running defense.  Their smaller front four could get pushed around just a bit too easily.  They bring lots of heat off the edge, it's really the defensive tackles that could use the upgrade.  On the other side of the ball a stud running back would create more balance.  But lets face it; these are the Colts and they always want another target for Manning; this year more than most with the loss of Marvin Harrison.

Team Stats - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 23.6 335.5 (15th) 255.9 (5th) 79.6 (31st)
Def 18.6 292.6 (11th) 177.0 (6th) 115.6 (24th)

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles defense is extremely solid.  At runningback Westbrook isn't getting any younger, and some pretty good ones look to fall this low.  They lost their tight end, they have a backup with good hands but could use a blocking tight end.  On the offensive line, running up the middle has been an issue; a good run blocking center would no doubt help.  Check out the commentary at Bleeding Green Nation.

Team Stats - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 26.0 350.5 (9th) 244.4 (6th) 106.1 (22nd)
Def 18.1 274.3 (3rd) 182.1 (3rd) 92.3 (4th)

There you have it; only one more group after this; just put your picks down in the comments.  Also the SBNation wide mock draft conducted by all the bloggers is going on over at Mocking the Draft, be sure to check it out.  Anyone new to the blog or just wants to join in; just put all your picks in the comments.