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2009 Depth Chart and Needs


Position Starter RATING Backup RATING
RT Jeromey Clary 3 Corey Clark 5
RG Kynan Forney 3 Brandyn Dombrowski 5
C Nick Harwick 1 Scott Mruczkowski/ Drew Mormino 3
LG Kris Dielman 1 Scott Mruczkowski 3
LT Marcus McNeil 2 L.J. Shelton 2
TE Antonio Gates 1 Scott Chandler 4
WR Vincent Jackson 2 Legedu Naanee 3
WR Chris Chambers 2 Malcom Floyd/Buster Davis 4
QB Philip Rivers 1 Billy Volek 1
FB Jacob Hester 2 Mike Tolbert 3
RB LaDanian Tomlinson 1 Sproles/Hester/Michael Bennett 3
3rd Darren Sproles 1

I left Manumaleuna off because he doesn't really fit any of the positions, He really isn't Gates' backup, but what he does, he does very well.


Position Starter RATING Backup RATING
LDE Luis Castillo 2 Keith Grennan 5
NT Jamal Williams 1 Ian Scott 5
RDE Ryon Bingham/Cesaire 3 Jaques Cesaire/Bingham 2
LOLB Shaun Phillips 2 Antwan Applewhite 2
LILB Stephen Cooper 1 Dobbins/Siler 3
RILB Kevin Burnett 2 Matt Wilhelm 2
ROLB Shawne Merriman 1 Jyles Tucker 2
CB Quentin Jammer 1 Cletis Gordon/Tribble 4
CB Antonio Cromartie 2 Antoine Cason 2
SS Clinton Hart 4 Steve Gregory 4
FS Eric Weddle 3 Paul Oliver 4
Nickel Antoine Cason 1

Practice Squadders

  • Bakhtiari, Erik LB
  • Banks, Gary WR
  • Mason, Grant CB
  • Tribble, DeJuan CB
  • Coleman, Andre DE
  • Nwagbuo, Ogemdi DT
  • Brisbane, Jason LB (our international player)

There are two things that jumped out at me as I was putting this together. First, I'm real happy with the LB situation. With Merriman coming back and if Burnett is as advertised, we are looking good. While I'm nervous with Tucker and Wilhelm starting, I am very comfortable with them in a backup role. I really don't see us getting Rey-Rey in the first round.

Second, we have some depth problems on both sides of the line. I'm real happy with Cesaire or Bingham in a backup role, but I'm nervous with either one of them starting. Especially because the cupboard seems to be bare behind them. The right side of the OL is very weak once you get behind the unkowns at starter. I know a 45 man roster tends to run lean on OL and DL backup positions, and really Shelton is the tackle backup and Mruczkowski is the C/G backup and everyone else is behind them. But all it takes is one phantom Dielman punch and a Hardwick concussion and we've got someone named Mormino or Dombrowski in the game.

Plus, as we all know, we have a problem at safety. Whether Weddle moves to SS or stays at FS, he is still a question mark. Plus, if Weddle moves to SS, we need to find a FS since Hart can't man that position. If we move one of the CBs (Cro, Jammer, or Cason) to FS, now we need to find a nickel corner who is going to play at least 1/3 of the snaps, so we need to be comfortable with that position.

So, lets take a quick poll, where do you see our biggest need? Don't take into account who is available via the draft or FA, this is purely based on need.